Bolt Action Sounds the Polish Charge

June 14, 2012 by dracs

Warlord are delving into the early years of the war to bring you a selection of wonderful minis for the Polish forces. From mini tanks to cavalry, the Polish are sure to make an impact.

First up we have the 7TP, the mainstay of the Polish armoured forces.

Warlord - Polish 7TP

Now while that's cool I personally am more interested in these.

Warlord - Polish Tankettes

They're mini tanks! That's it I'm getting rid of my Citroen and getting one of these.

Of course if these don't tickle your fancy you can always go for the old school approach.

Warlord - Early War Polish Lancer Regiment

What can you say except TallyHo!

A lot of these minis, especially the tankettes or the Ursus Armoured Car, which Ben previously covered, would also be great in some kind of steam punk setting with a little conversion work.

Anyone fancy commanding a Polish force in the early stages of the war?

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