Hot Pole Action!

February 28, 2011 by beerogre

I'll not tell a lie... I'm in love with the miniatures from Warlord Games!

Each time there's a new release, or as in this case a re-release, of some of their earlier models, I can't help but get shiny syndrome and start planning a new platoon for Secrets of the 3rd Reich.

With that in mind here are some pictures of the re-released Polish Infantry, who are now available as a boxed set.

They've also got a fantastic looking 75mm artillery gun and heavy machinegun team, just right for bulking out your army with some tip-top firepower!

You might remember, I waxed lyrical about the Polish Lancers in a previous article (click the link to read it again), but it now seems inevitable that those brave Polish boys get a platoon here at BoW.

<sigh> There goes this months minis budget...

BoW Andy

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