Join The Kriegsmarines In Warlord Games’ Bolt Action!

September 29, 2014 by brennon

Warlord Games have put another awesome pre-order up for Bolt Action. This time around it's a German addition and the brilliant looking metal set all about the Kriegsmarines!

Kriegsmarine Squad


As the blurb on the front of the box suggests these Kriegsmarine were more than just U-Boat crew, they also engaged in a series of shore based attacks and interesting were both involved in the first fighting during World War II and the last.

Weapon wise they have a collection of rifles, machine guns and sub-machine guns to use in battle although they've also added in some panzerfaust too for when they have to engaged enemy armour. The leader also looks brilliant and adds to the character of this small unit. I need to find a reason to use them in my army!

The temptation is to add them into an army as a veteran unit or split them up and use them as part of other units leading them into the fighting. I think each of the miniatures has enough character to make that work well!

Will you fight with the Kriegsmarine?

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