Plug Gaps in Your Defences With the Bolt Action Panzergrenadiers

November 29, 2012 by dracs

Bolt Action is getting a box set to kit you out with the beginnings of a full force of German Panzergrenadiers.

Warlord - Panzergrenadier Force

"Speeding into the thickest of the action from the armoured confines of their Hanomag halftracks, the Panzergrenadiers are the Third Reich’s fire brigade – plugging gaps in the German defences or taking full advantage of weak spots in the enemy battlelines. Combining mobility and protection with the suppressive firepower of their halftracks machine guns, each squad of panzergrenadiers can lay down a withering hail of small arms fire!"

Coming with 3 plastic half tracks and 30 German infantry this box set will give you a good basis for building up a Bolt Action force, perfect if you are looking to try WWII style wargaming this Christmas.

Does this box set look like a useful place to start with Bolt Action?

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