Scare Off the Panzers With Warlord’s New Brit Anti-Tank Gun

July 31, 2012 by dracs

Tanks can be somewhat annoying at times can't they? Want to deal with those German armoured war machines? Well now you can with the new Bolt Action British Army 17 Pounder Anti-Tank Gun!

Bolt action - 17 pdr Anti-Tank Gun

Bolt action - 17 pdr Anti Tank Gun

"Officially titled the Ordnance Quick-firing 17 pounder, this excellent anti-tank gun was more commonly known as the 17 pdr. A 3″ (7.62mm) gun developed by the British it was arguably the best Allied anti-tank gun of the war, going to to be mounted in Sherman Fireflies, Achilles tank destroyers amongst others as the British tried to deal with the heavily armoured German tanks such as the Tiger, King Tiger, etc."

So definitely not something you want to be at the wrong end of.

Do any of you use the Bolt Action Brit range? Will this gun be appearing in your army?

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