Source Books & Tank Battles For Bolt Action On The Horizon

June 30, 2014 by brennon

Warlord Games have some great Bolt Action books on the horizon for different theatres of war and of course those big tanks battles we talked about a few weeks ago....

Tank War

The first book in September is Tank War that allows you to run an entire army full of armour against another entire army made of armour! This will be adding in more tanks for you to choose from in your normal games too and there will be scenarios for you to play out too.

D-Day To Germany

The second book is touted for October and will feature a whole host of scenarios taking you from the beaches of Normandy all the way to the gates of Berlin itself. D-Day to Germany could prove a brilliant way to get a bunch of friends together and spend a weekend I reckon. Get a whole bunch of boards done and power through this campaign!

The Eastern Front

Last but not least next year also heralds another sourcebook that takes you to The Eastern Front and has you fighting the battles between Russia and Germany. You could undertake some of the deadly urban warfare that took place in the ruins of Stalingrad.

All of these sound grand and I think they are going to be good additions to the Bolt Action line-up bringing people into more lengthy campaigns. I love having objectives and things to actually do on the battlefield with Bolt Action rather than ending up in yet another meat grinder.

Will you be keeping an eye on this?

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