Soviets Defend The Skies With New Bolt Action Half-Track

October 12, 2014 by dracs

A problem the Soviets faced during the war is that they apparently didn't have much that could deal with the German Luftwaffe. However, now the Soviets will be able to keep those German fly boys at bay in Bolt Action with their new half-track mounted AA guns.

M17 AA Half-Track

Armed with a turret bearing a quad of .50 Cal Browning heavy machine guns, this vehicle reportedly received the nickname "Krautmower" from its American allies.

M17 AA Half-Track Back

This new vehicle looks great and fills a deficiency in the tactics of the Soviets of Bolt Action. It wouldn't be surprising if we saw more of these appearing on the battlefields of the late war, especially for larger games where you might have plenty of air support going on.

Can any of you history buffs tell us anything more about these half-tracks?

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