Warlord Bring Colour To Bolt Action With New Paint Set Pre-Orders

January 22, 2019 by dracs

Warlord have a host of new goodies for Bolt Action as they put up a selection of new paint sets and desert war units for pre-order.

War's True Colours

Warlord have teamed up with Army Painter to come out with a range of Rapid Deployment paint sets, providing you with the correct paints you need to quickly paint up the armies of either the US, British, Soviets, or Germans in Europe.

These sets provide you with the correct pigments you need to accurately recreate the uniforms used by the different armies in WWII, as well as Army Painter's excellent Quickshade, allowing you to get effectively painted armies onto the table as quickly as possible.

Outside of these army specific sets, Warlord have also put together a Core Paint Set, providing you with a range of paints across the main spectrum of colours.

These sets are a great relief for historical luddites, such as myself, as it provides us with exactly the shades we need to paint the correct uniform, without having to pester John every five minutes about whether or not any green will do.

The Afrika Korps Give Flak To Commonwealth Infantry

Paints aren't the only things Bolt Action players have up for pre-order, as Warlord expand their desert campaign miniatures with British Commonwealth Infantry and an Afrika Korps 8.8cm Flak 37.

Both these sets are welcome additions to Desert Campaign forces. The British Commonwealth Infantry is particularly cool, as their range of head options allows you to show how multi-national the conflict was, with Australians, South Africans, New Zealanders, Indians, Canadians, and others fighting to defeat Erwin Rommel.

Do you want Warlord to produce paint sets for other periods of history? 

Remember, if you are a Bolt Action player living in either Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland, we are putting together an All-Ireland team.

Contact [email protected] to get involved.

"It provides us with exactly the shades we need to paint the correct uniform, without having to pester John."

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