Warlord Games Take Us into the Armoured Combat of Tank War

July 9, 2014 by dracs

Warlord Games will soon be bringing out a new supplement for the game of Bolt Action allowing players to engage in fully armoured battles, and have now taken the time to preview what we'll find in the pages of Tank War.

Tank War

Tank battles played a major part in the Second World War, but while they have been an integral part of Bolt Action we haven't previously had the rules for fielding entire formations of these war machines.

Tank War Formations

Talk Like a Tanker

Armoured Platoon Selector

Tank War will bring more tactical challenges to Bolt Action, as players have to deal with the challenges presented by mechanised combat and the issues of each nation's tank technology. Plus, it's tanks! Tanks are awesome! Just listen to BoW John  for five minutes.

Tank War

Are you looking forward to engaging in Tank War?

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