Plast Craft Build A Masterful Church & Carnevale Terrain

February 25, 2016 by brennon

Plast Craft Games have shared some images of their upcoming ColorED terrain which will be useful for those of you wanting a glorious Church to fight over. Here we have the rather amazing looking Saint-Mère-Église...

Saint-Mère-Église  #1

Here you can see the massive Church with the roof on looking superb in its grounds with the fencing around it. I think this would be a wonderful place to hold up and fight in if you were battling across France.

Saint-Mère-Église (Interior)

Here you can now see inside the Church. There is plenty of room to do some fighting inside here as well which is great. You could even work on ruining the roof so that it looks like a bomb has blasted through it or something.

A Walk In Venice

As well as the massive Church they have also been working on some terrain for use in the world of Carnevale. See what you think of these Archways first of all which will be great for setting up your structures over the deep and murky water below...

Archways (Carnevale)

...and following on from that a rather well built looking Chapel which would be great to run around on-top of as well as around I would say.

Chapel (Carnevale)

The various levels make for some great opportunities to clamber up and over this with your warbands. I would love to see a proper climactic fight happening atop the highest roof where a single misstep would send one of the characters plunging to their death.

Gondola (Carnevale)

Lastly we have these Gondola which would be great when well spaced out across the water so you could hop from one to the next. I also think that it would be great to have some battling taking place on them as they float through the city. It could make for some interesting skirmishes.

What do you think of their work?

"You could even work on ruining the roof so that it looks like a bomb has blasted through it or something..."

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