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Arcane Wonders

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Design A Magnificent Metropolis In Architectura


The most eminent architects came here to erect a magnificent city with the best theaters, greenhouses, and taverns. Each architect wants to make the most significant contribution to the city construction, but their ambitions will inevitably lead to a challenging competition.

Command Control Of Conflicts In Air, Land & Sea


"He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight" - Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Let’s Play: Onitama – The Game Of Martial Tactics


Will you choose the path of the bald eagle or furry bear?

Arcane Wonder’s Senshi Coming To The Tabletop In May


Arcane Wonders are going to be releasing their new game, Senshi, in May this year. I wanted to take a minute to find out more about this neat looking little game...

Let’s Play: Sheriff Of Nottingham


Is that a crossbow in your sack or are you just happy to see me?

Mage Wars Reveals New Academy Forcemaster Expansion


Why summon your own creatures when you can just control your opponent's? The newest Mage Wars: Academy Forcemaster expansion puts this very thing to the test, but don't worry, they have "creatures" too.

CMON Acquires Rights To Sheriff Of Nottingham


Big news from Cool Mini or Not on the game Sheriff of Nottingham.

Arcane Wonders Offers Novice Wizards Training In Mage Wars Academy


Arcane Wonders has a new set availible for their wonderful card game Mage Wars. You can even pre-order and pick it up at GenCon.

Promo Packs Arriving For Aspiring Mages of Mage Wars!


Now you can pull some unique spells from your spellbook in Mage Wars as Arcane Wonders releases 2 new promo packs! Unique cards as well as cards with alternate artwork will be found in these packs coming out next week.

2015 Brings the “Arena” to the Mage Wars Core Set


2015 is bringing some great changes to the Mage Wars core set, as it becomes Mage Wars Arena in preparation for the upcoming Mage Wars Academy. New spellbook designs and alternate and new art work are just some of the changes heading our way.

Mage Wars Novel Coming in January From Dynamite Entertainment


Fans of Mage Wars should be very excited to hear that Arcane Wonders has landed a deal with Dynamite Entertainment to produce a line of books, comics, art and lithographs for their unique game, Mage Wars. Nature of the Beast, the first novel will be hitting the shelves in January 2015.

A Clever New Scoring Option for Mage Wars


Mage Wars just gave their score boards an upgrade. You can now purchase magnetic score boards to keep your stats nicely in their place.

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