Stay Frosty In Upcoming Call Of Duty: The Board Game

May 15, 2023 by brennon

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Activision's Call Of Duty franchise is making the move to the tabletop with a new board game announced by the folks at Arcane Wonders. Designed by Bryan Pope and Benjamin Pope, this hidden movement-driven board game looks to evoke the feel of the incredibly popular first-person shooter.

Call Of Duty The Board Game - Arcane Wonders

Call Of Duty: The Board Game // Arcane Wonders

You will be able to dive into a bunch of familiar Call Of Duty environments like Shoot House and Standoff (maps from the multiplayer mode of Call Of Duty) where you'll get to take on the role of familiar operatives like Ghost Riley and Captain Price. You will, much like the video game, pick your weapons and items and build a combat deck of cards with your own tactics within it. From there, it's time to dive into the action.

CALL of DUTY: The BOARD GAME Playthrough | Play The Game HQ

During the game, you will plan out your actions behind a screen using that previously mentioned hidden movement mechanic. You'll plot and try and outthink your foe as you get stuck into objective-based games as well as straight-up deathmatch modes. Once you've moved and found yourself in line of sight, the fighting begins and the fast, frenetic action gets played out. Prepare your card deck and get stuck in.

You can watch the early playthrough from Play The Game HQ above which goes through the Domination game mode and shows off the mechanics including the card and dice-based combat. The shooting is deadly and brutal but don't worry as you'll be able to respawn and get stuck right back into the action to keep fighting.

A basic core set covers a two-player experience but you can bring two sets together to turn it into a four-player experience. Expansions are also coming with new maps, operators, weapons, game modes and more. There is a LOT of room for expansion with this. I can see this being a really fun two-player and team-based experience as well as just being a wild free for all firefight.

Could you be tempted by Call Of Duty: The Board Game?

"Expansions are also coming with new maps, operators, weapons, game modes and more..."

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