Mage Wars Novel Coming in January From Dynamite Entertainment

October 22, 2014 by stvitusdancern

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Arcane Wonders has struck a nice deal with Dynamite Entertainment to bring the stories of Mage Wars to books, comics, art and lithographs! So now we can read more about the amazing world in which the Mages function.

Mage Wars GameComponents

Mage Wars combines the best elements of customizable card games and tactical miniature games. Players can choose from multiple mages like the Wizard, Warlock, Beastmaster, Priestess, or many others, each with their own unique strategies and style of play. After getting to demo this at Gen Con this year, it was easy to fall in love with this game. The prospect of getting a deeper look into the Mage world sounds super interesting to me and I can't wait!

Nature of the Beast Book-Cover

The first novel, Mage Wars: Nature of the Beast, takes place in the world of Etheria, and follows an unlikely cast of characters refreshingly removed from the trappings of traditional fantasy adventure. “Nature of the Beast is not your average Hero’s Journey tale” says author Will McDermott. “This is the story about the other guys — the loners and the outcasts, the guards and the stewards, the folks who normally stay behind when the adventure starts — the forgotten characters. It is a journey not toward the light, but into the darkness, both literal and figurative, where these characters must face their foibles and fears, their painful pasts and their lonely lives. It is a story about how true heroes are born, not through trial by fire, but by forging friendships that help them discover their own inner strength.”

mage wars mages

If the book isn't enough to look forward to, the prospect of artwork is equally appealing! If you have seen the cards from the game, the potential for some very cool art and prints is HUGE.

mage wars cards

Will you be reading about Etheria in January?

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