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Hydra Miniatures

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Fry You Foes With Hydra Miniatures’ New Alien Zenithian Walkers!


Hydra Miniatures has released a new set of three 3D-printed resin kits for use in your Retro Raygun games. The Zenithian of their 32mm skirmish game of Pulp Sci-Fi awesomeness are getting some reinforcements in the form of these powerful Walkers!

Call Of Duty On The Tabletop! Spectre’s New Edition No-Scopes Modern Warfare #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender time! Fed up of being taken out by try hards on Call Of Duty? Have a look at the awesome new modern warfare era 28mm miniatures from Spectre Operations which could totally get more video gamers stuck into some tabletop wargames.

Khurasan Unleash The Neptonians On Hydra’s Retro Raygun World!


Khurasan Miniatures have released a new set of Pulp Sci-Fi miniatures that you could use in all manner of different games but especially Hydra Miniatures; Retro Raygun! See what you make of the dastardly Neptonians! 

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