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Save The Lost Children Of Neverland In Matagot’s Peter Pan


Matagot has another fun swashbuckling adventure for you to dive into with their upcoming board game, Peter Pan. Designer Marc Paquien is going to have you diving in and trying to save the Lost Children of Neverland. 

Prove Yourself Not Guilty! In Kolossal Games’ Almost Innocent


Philippe Attali's new Kolossal Games/Matagot Games release for next year is going to be the cunningly cooperative deduction game where you're going to be trying to prove that you didn't do it! See what you make of these early previews for Almost Innocent.

Never Tried Napoleonics? We’ve Found Ace Miniatures To Get You Started In Historics! #OTTWeekender

9 months ago 42

It's OTT Weekender Time! Never had a go at Napoleonics? We've found some ace miniatures that should be great for getting you started in historic wargames on the tabletop! 

Kemet Creator Brings Mayan Warfare & Yucatan To Kickstarter


Kemet is a pretty darn awesome "area control" battle game set against the backdrop of Ancient and Mythological Egypt. Yucatan, from the same team, is now on Kickstarter from Matagot and delves into the brutality of Mayan warfare in the jungle. 

Snag The Captain Silver Expansion For Treasure Island Soon


Treasure Island from Marc Paquien and published by Matagot is a pretty unique board game of piratical bluffing and puzzling which is getting an expansion soon, Captain Silver - Revenge Island. 

Weekender: WIN Warhammer 40K Armies + Necrons & Space Marines; 9th Edition Is Coming!


Today On The Weekender! We're talking about the new edition of Warhammer 40,000 dropping soon, ace Historical miniatures from AB Figures and much more from the tabletop gaming world. 

New Kemet: Blood & Sand Coming To Kickstarter In May


Matagot has been sharing some more details of their upcoming revamp for board game classic, Kemet.

Matagot Plan For New Version Of Kemet With Blood & Sand


Matagot Games have had a lot of success over the years with their masterful "dudes on a map" game, Kemet.

Matagot Embrace The Seasons In New Inis Expansion


Inis is a game all about clashing clans rooting with Celtic history and myth where each player is looking to be crowned the king of the new island they've discovered, Inis.

Captain Sonar Second Expansion On The Way, Operation Dragon


Captain Sonar has grown with a second expansion, Operation Dragon.

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