Kemet: Blood & Sand Returns With New Features This Year

February 12, 2024 by brennon

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Kemet: Blood & Sand from Matagot is going to be returning to crowdfunding later this year with a new project aiming to add even more features to this iconic "dudes on a map" board game.

Kemet Blood & Sand 2024 - Matagot

Kemet: Blood & Sand - 2024 // Matagot

For those not aware of Kemet, it was originally released back in 2012. Players took on the role of Egyptian tribes looking to fight for control of the land, battling over pyramids and other places of power. Your battles took place with your mighty armies that you could upgrade by picking up power tiles. This allowed you to bring upgraded units and mighty monsters into the mix to defeat your foes.

Kemet Blood & Sand Gameplay - Matagot

Kemet: Blood & Sand - Gameplay // Matagot

The game was top of a lot of lists when it came to games in this style and it was reinvented and updated in 2021 with Kemet: Blood & Sand. This tightened up the game mechanics and also introduced new and updated game components including some more impressive miniatures to represent the different upgrades you could get.

More is planned for Kemet: Blood & Sand as it returns to crowdfunding once again later this year. You'll be able to throw another player into the game, taking the number up to six. There will also be a solo mode included where you'll need to tackle the game's inbuilt challenge.

New Content - Kemet Blood & Sand

New Content // Kemet: Blood & Sand

More game modes are also planned. This will be another good opportunity for you to pick up Blood & Sand if you've not been able to in the past and get your hands on some extra content at the same time.

As well as introducing new mechanics, the team at Matagot also want to discuss what they can do to make the Kemet experience even more fun. So, there will be a large discussion taking place alongside the project. Additionally, you'll get to have your say on the future of Kemet and where it goes from here.

Will you be diving back into Kemet?

"...the team at Matagot also want to discuss what they can do to make the Kemet experience even more fun"

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