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Is Core Space 2020s Best Sci-Fi Kickstarter + FFG’s New Descent Misses The Mark? #Weekender


We look at the new Core Space: First Born Sci-Fi Kickstarter and ask if FFG's Descent: Legends Of The Dark misses the dungeon-delving mark.

Mythic Games’ Darkest Dungeon: The Board Game Kickstarter Now Live


Darkest Dungeon: The Board Game is now available for you to back on Kickstarter from the mighty Mythic Games.

Let’s Play – Darkest Dungeon: The Board Game | Mythic Games


We play through a full session of Darkest Dungeon: The Board Game by Mythic Games which is on Kickstarter this week!

Mythic Darkest Dungeon Kickstarter + WIN Kromlech Orc Stomper! #Orktober


We're checking out Mythic Games' upcoming Darkest Dungeon: The Board Game Kickstarter AND you can win one of Kromlech's Orc Stomper kits to celebrate Orktober!

Watch Out For Darkest Dungeon On Kickstarter October 20th


Mythic Games has been showing off all manner of awesome previews for their upcoming Kickstarter for Darkest Dungeon: The Board Game.

Mythic Games Preview Darkest Dungeon Board Game


Mythic Games took the final day of GenCon Online to reveal their new Kickstarter project coming later this year, Darkest Dungeon, based on the hit video game. 

Cult Of Games XLBS: Warren Saves His Animals & Gerry’s Hobby Tech!


It's the 4th July weekend, the start of summer and the only difference between this weekend and the last dozen or so is that we all have a sneaking suspicion we're supposed to be outside.

Community Spotlight: Classic Titans, A Roaring Dragon & Recycled Terrain


See what you make of a masterful Titan for the grimdark future, a soaring Joan Of Arc Dragon and also some recycled and kitbashed terrain.

Final Hours Roll In For Mythic’s HEL: The Last Saga Kickstarter


Mythic Games are moving towards the final ten hours or so of their Kickstarter campaign for HEL: The Last Saga.

Cult Of Games XLBS: Illuminating Your Hobby & Celebrating Completed Projects


Come and take a peek at some of the hobby that we've been doing this week as we talk electronics, working on World War II Australians, Burrows & Badgers critters and more. This is a big deep dive into all sorts of hobby.

Weekender: WIN Exclusive 40K Mini + Mythic’s HEL Raids Kickstarter


Today on The Weekender! Warren Meets Mat returns, we talk with Mythic Games about HEL: The Last Saga, explore a wealth of new Historical miniatures hitting the tabletop and check out tabletop paintball from eBoB Miniatures.

HEL: The Last Saga Launches On Kickstarter From Mythic Games


Venture into a new Kickstarter campaign from Mythic Games as you explore Nordic mythology with a twist in HEL: The Last Saga.

Let’s Play – HEL: The Last Saga | Mythic Games


Today we get to look at HEL: The Last Saga from Mythic Games as we dive into a Tabletop Simulator Let's Play for this new Kickstarter game.

Check Out Mythic Games’ New HEL: The Last Saga Trailer!


Mythic Games has now released their trailer for the upcoming game, HEL: The Last Saga which we talked about on the Weekender show last Friday. Check it out!

Weekender: WIN WWII Germans + The Best Not-Warhammer Army Yet?


Today on The Weekender! We explore the awesome Stoessi's Heroes range, perfect for World War II wargamers, a new Not-Warhammer army, plus discuss upcoming Kickstarter, HEL: The Last Saga. 

An Elder & Many Foes Previewed For HEL: The Last Saga


Mythic Games are continuing their teasers for HEL: The Last Saga with an introduction to more of the characters you'll be playing as and the deadly foes that dwell in the darkness of the island.

Monstrous Juggernauts Hunt You In HEL: The Last Saga


There are terrible things out there in the darkness hunting your survivors in HEL: The Last Saga. Mythic Games are getting ready for their Kickstarter launch next week and they recently showed off another of the foes you'll be facing during your time with the game.

Weaving Stories & Meeting More Of HEL: The Last Saga’s Cast


Over the weekend we got to meet more of the characters that will be joining Mythic Games on their adventures in HEL: The Last Saga.

Mythic Games Talk The Basics Of Hel: The Last Saga


This week Mythic Games started to reveal more details on HEL: The Last Saga.

Wise Old Women & Plucky Youths Join Hel: The Last Saga


A few more characters popped up over the weekend from Mythic Games for Hel: The Last Saga.

Guard The Queen In Another Hel: The Last Saga Teaser


Mythic Games surprised us again today by revealing yet another preview for their upcoming board game, Hel: The Last Saga. This time we're meeting Petronilla, The Queen.

Fight Alongside Alvar The Jarl In Mythic’s Hel: The Last Saga


We’re moving onto the third preview from Mythic Games this week for Hel: The Last Saga, their Viking-inspired board game which is coming to Kickstarter soon. Meet Alvar The Jarl…

Mythic Meet Dreng The Berserker From Hel: The Last Saga


Mythic Games has been showing off another character from their upcoming Kickstarter game, Hel: The Last Saga. Here we have the art, render and final painted model for Dreng The Berserker who joins the crew on their quest.

Mythic Games Reveal Bergunn For Hel: The Last Saga


Mythic Games has begun their previews for Hel: The Last Saga which we looked at a little bit a few weeks ago when more information started dropping.

Get A Glimpse Of Hel: The Last Saga; Mythic’s New Kickstarter


Mythic Games are powering things up ahead of their new Kickstarter for HEL: The Last Saga.

Unboxing – Reichbusters & Expansions | Mythic Games


Today Justin has a large amount of Reichbusters boxes to dive into as the Kickstarter from Mythic Games gets closer to release.

Weekender XLBS: Are Campaigns Better Than One-Off Games?


Come and delve into The Weekender XLBS where we're got some thoughts to share on the idea of running campaigns over one-off games when it comes to miniature wargaming!

Weekender: WIN Reichbusters Core Set & An Assyrian Mind Melter!


We're diving into an awesome Mind Melter this week, exploring some fascinating new Kickstarters and News from the tabletop world AND giving away a copy of Reichbusters from Mythic Games!

How To Play: Steamwatchers | New Mythic Games Board Game


Mythic Games are now live on Kickstarter with their Steamwatchers Kickstarter and so we thought we'd sit down to take you through the basics of a turn.

Let’s Play: Steamwatchers | New Mythic Games Board Game


Make sure to come and join Justin, Gerry, Leo and JB as they dive into a playthrough of Steamwatchers, the latest game from Mythic Games on Kickstarter.

Weekender XLBS: The Element Of Surprise


Join us as we dive into the realm of Weekender XLBS and work out what quirky hobby goodness we've been getting up to as well as exploring the element of surprise.

Weekender: Steam Watchers! Mythic’s New Game & WIN Big Bad Ork Boyz


We've met up with Mythic Games to talk about their new Kickstarter, Steam Watchers PLUS we're also delving into some ace news from the week too. Oh, and you could win some awesome looking Orks!

Mythic Tease Their Next Big Project With Steamwatchers


Mythic Games has been previewing a new game which is going to be popping up on Kickstarter soon. Steamwatchers is one that we’re, quite appropriately, watching closely. 

Let’s Play: Joan Of Arc – The Siege Of Calais


Justin and Gerry are back for another round of Joan of Arc with Leo from Mythic Games as they take on The Siege Of Calais today. Who will come out on top?

Let’s Play: Joan Of Arc – Battle Of Crécy


Az from Mythic Games joins Gerry and Justin in the studio for another battle in Joan of Arc.

Let’s Play Joan Of Arc – Saint Michael VS The Dragon


Leo from Mythic Games joins Gerry and Justin in the studio to run through another scenario from Time of Legends: Joan of Arc.

Let’s Play: Joan Of Arc – The Sword Of Fierboís


Gerry and Justin meet with Leo from Mythic Games to play the starting scenario in Joan Of Arc, the Sword Of Fierboís.

Let’s Play Time Of Legends – Joan Of Arc: Old God Rising


Justin and Gerry face off in a special Joan of Arc scenario from a new Teutonic Knights expansion.

Lucky Duck’s Time Of Legends: Destinies Launches On Kickstarter


Lucky Duck Games and Mythic Games have now launched their Kickstarter campaign for Time Of Legends: Destinies and (surprise, surprise) it was funded pretty much right away.

Weekender: Time Of Legends: Destinies Unveiled & WIN Sci-Fi Defences


We looking at the new Mythic Games & Lucky Duck Games Time Of Legends collaboration AND showing off new work from 4Ground too which YOU could win!

Community Spotlight: Wild Wizards, Tiny Troops & Mystical Mice


Come and join us for a look at some awesome painting from our brilliant community members.

Lucky Duck & Mythic Preview Time Of Legends: Destinies Kickstarter


Lucky Duck Games and Mythic Games have been previewing the Kickstarter for Time Of Legends: Destinies ahead of its launch later this month on the 24th September.

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