CMON & Monolith Scoop Up A Range Of Titles From Mythic Games

December 14, 2022 by brennon

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As mentioned in a recent BoardGameGeek Post, it looks like Mythic Games are slimming down their line of board games and has sold them on to different companies.

Mythic Games

You can read the announcement on the future plans for Mythic Games over on their Facebook Page if you'd like more information on what they are hoping to do in 2023 but there are also five projects being moved on to different companies. CMON has managed to scoop up Super Fantasy Brawl, Enchanters and Steamwatchers.

Super Fantasy Brawl - CMON

Super Fantasy Brawl // CMON

Enchanters - CMON

Enchanters // CMON

Steamwatchers - CMON

Steamwatchers // CMON

These games will get added to the library of content that CMON already produces and should hopefully see future expansions and the like. It would be especially nice to see more come out for Super Fantasy Brawl when it comes to champions, game modes and the like.

Two more games have also moved house and are now in the hands of Monolith. They were able to scoop up both Solomon Kane and Reichbusters, two well-liked board games with us here at OnTableTop.

Solomon Kane - Monolith Edition

Solomon Kane // Monolith Edition

Reichbusters Project Vril - Monolith Edition

Reichbusters: Project Vril // Monolith Edition

According to Monolith, Reichbusters is going to be back with a streamlined set of rules and will also be enhanced with more expansion content in the future. As for Solomon Kane, they are also looking to make some interesting plans for that and hope to do more with the characters and the world in the future.

You can read the collected announcements over on the BoardGameGeek Page but it's nice to see that past projects from Mythic could be getting a new lease of life in the hands of the likes of CMON and Monolith.

Darkest Dungeon

As well as that news, Darkest Dungeon is also a hot topic for Mythic right now as there are still ways to get your hands on both the Core Game and Deluxe Core Game over on their webstore.

Darkest Dungeon The Board Game - Mythic Games DEC

Darkest Dungeon: The Board Game // Mythic Games

There are also different bundles, accessories and expansions for you to pick up as well. It should be noted that Darkest Dungeon joins two other games as the main focus for Mythic Games going forward. The other two are Anastyr and Hel which are still to be delivered after successful Kickstarters. Anastyr is currently to be delivered in July 2023 and Hel is still in development.

We shall see where this goes!

"It would be especially nice to see more come out for Super Fantasy Brawl when it comes to champions, game modes and the like..."

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