Monsterpocalyse Board Game Landing Soon On Kickstarter

October 21, 2021 by brennon

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Mythic Games and Privateer Press' collaboration is coming to Kickstarter soon! The Monsterpocalypse Board Game is arriving in the next few weeks and will give you a one-box option for diving into a world of monstrous combat.

Monsterpocalypse Board Game Kickstarter - Mythic Games

Monsterpocalypse Board Game Kickstarter // Mythic Games & Privateer Press

The game is going to be 100% compatible with the existing version of Monsterpocalypse. The big change is that you're going to get a bunch of pre-assembled miniatures meaning that you can start gaming right out of the box. There has also been a little bit of a tweak concerning some of the components too.

Miniatures - Monsterpocalypse Board Game

Miniatures // Monsterpocalypse Board Game

For example, some of the Apex Monsters have been made oversized to give you that serious over-the-top look to your games. Each of the miniatures also comes with a detailed base showing off an utterly ruined cityscape.

Apex Monsters - Monsterpocalypse Board Game

Apex Monsters // Monsterpocalypse Board Game

There is also a brand new Battle Royale version of the game that you can play with three or four players. I can imagine this being a lot of fun as everyone loved slamming together monsters as a kid. Why stop just because you're now a big kid?!

You'll also notice some design changes throughout the game components too. The Unit Cards in particular have been revamped to be easier to read.

New Unit Cards - Monsterpocalypse

New Unit Cards // Monsterpocalypse

Even the big maps have been changed. There are loads of quirky new details worked into the different maps and it looks a lot more like a video game map now which is neat.

New Map Designs - Monsterpocalypse

New Map Designs // Monsterpocalypse

I'm sure that there will be all manner of awesome new additions popping up when the Kickstarter launches. It is worth mentioning once again that this is entirely compatible with the version of Monsterpocalypse that currently exists so you can blend your collection into this if you like. This works as a nice introduction to the game for newcomers!

Make sure to join the Monsterpocalypse Board Game Facebook Page for more information in the run-up to launch.

Are you going to be checking this out?

"This works as a nice introduction to the game for newcomers!"

Supported by (Turn Off)

Supported by (Turn Off)

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