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Shieldwolf Miniatures

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Mythic Darkest Dungeon Kickstarter + WIN Kromlech Orc Stomper! #Orktober


We're checking out Mythic Games' upcoming Darkest Dungeon: The Board Game Kickstarter AND you can win one of Kromlech's Orc Stomper kits to celebrate Orktober!

Shieldwolf Miniatures Show Off Mighty Monsters & Artillery


Shieldwolf Miniatures has three new options for you to check out if you like the idea of building up the savage armies of the Orcs and Krimvaal Northern Alliance in your Fantasy games.

Weekender: WIN WWII Germans + The Best Not-Warhammer Army Yet?


Today on The Weekender! We explore the awesome Stoessi's Heroes range, perfect for World War II wargamers, a new Not-Warhammer army, plus discuss upcoming Kickstarter, HEL: The Last Saga. 

Shieldwolf Miniatures Cry Imperium Immortalis On Kickstarter


Shieldwolf Miniatures are currently on Kickstarter with their new range of Sci-Fi plastics, Imperium Immortalis.

Forest Goblins Available To Pre-Order From Shieldwolf Miniatures


Forest Goblins are abroad as the hard plastic kit from Shieldwolf Miniatures are now available to pre-order ahead of their release later this month. 

Shieldwolf Miniatures Unleash The Sisters Of Wolves Force


Shieldwolf Miniatures has unleashed a new band of warriors into the realm of Sci-Fi with the coming of the Sisters of Wolves force.

Fight For Your Faction In World Of Shieldwolf Wargame & Terrain


Welcome to the world of Shieldwolf, a fantasy land filled with magic and adventure in a brutal era where the strong prevail and the weak perish.

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