Shieldwolf Miniatures Cry Imperium Immortalis On Kickstarter

May 6, 2020 by brennon

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Shieldwolf Miniatures are currently on Kickstarter with their new range of Sci-Fi plastics, Imperium Immortalis. Let's take a peek at some of the offerings they have dropped into the mix so far with the campaign which is well funded.

-5eb27c792fbb3--5eb27c792fbb4Imperium Immortalis Main Image - Shieldwolf Miniatures.jpg

This campaign focuses on a brand new resin army that they have been working on for your Sci-Fi games. The aesthetic is decidedly grimdark and would be perfectly suited to the world of Warhammer 40,000 but it could well be used in other games too. I think a lot of folks will see these as good options for alternative Imperial Guard though!

-5eb27c7a90c24--5eb27c7a90c25Imperium Immortalis Starter Army A - Shieldwolf Miniatures.jpg

The various options for the campaign and backers are broken down into a series of army sets which allow you to play around with adding infantry, characters, vehicles, guns and more into the mix. There is definitely a World War I In Space feel to a lot of the design and I could see the range working well with plenty of muddy colours, blood and rusted metal!

You can see this aesthetic and vision following through into some of the larger pieces too. For example, these big guns look like they would be exceptionally fun to paint and then point at your enemy!

-5eb27c7c97ca9--5eb27c7c97caaImperium Immortalis Starter Army B - Shieldwolf Miniatures.jpg

This is an element of Human armies from this period that I've always enjoyed. I like the idea of massive gun lines with huge cannons belching forth smoke, fire and death onto the battlefield from afar whilst guns and lasers crackle in the distance. You can just imagine these soldiers wading through muddy trenches as alien screams call out and send a shiver down the spine.

-5eb27c7ee4016--5eb27c7ee4017Imperium Immortalis Starter Army C - Shieldwolf Miniatures.jpg

The other aspect of this army that I was drawn to is the fact that they are all wearing masks. Whilst the army could very well be human, there is nothing to say that there is much human under the surface anymore. I like the idea that this is an army of horrifically mutated and broken people who had been fighting an almost endless war on their planet.

Because of this, very little of their humanity remains and they are almost silent in their endeavours, trudging forward and robotically undertaking orders as barked and garbled radio transmissions sound from their masks and radio packs.

What do you make of this new plastic range in the works from Shieldwolf Miniatures?

"What do you make of this new plastic range in the works from Shieldwolf Miniatures?"

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