Shieldwolf Miniatures Unleash The Sisters Of Wolves Force

September 25, 2019 by brennon

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Shieldwolf Miniatures has unleashed a new band of warriors into the realm of Sci-Fi with the coming of the Sisters of Wolves force. Leading the way we have two characters and a selection of vehicles too.

Aura - Shieldwolf Miniatures

The two characters for the range are the power armoured wearing Aura (above) and Ulva (below) who has got her axe ready to get stuck into close combat should the need arise.

Ulva - Shieldwolf Miniatures

As well as forming the basis of your own unique Sci-Fi army these would also be pretty awesome for doing some gaming in the gaps. Perhaps these Sisters Of Wolves are a band of Adepta Sororitas that has grown up on Fenris alongside the Space Wolves and adopted some of their battle tactics? It would make sense that they would grow to become part of their culture and maybe even bring some of their believes and doctrines into their way of fighting and behaving.

It did have me somewhat inspired to think of how cool it would be to make a proper female Space Wolf army based on the idea of the Valkyries. You could snag some of the heads from Statuesque Miniatures and work them into the Primaris and traditional Space Wolf bodies to give yourself a cool looking new force; lore be damned.

Big Vehicles

As well as the two characters there are also some vehicles for you to help start your army. Leading the way we have the FmRir...

FmRir - Shieldwolf Miniatures

...which might work well as a main battle tank in your force. This is then supported by the Grand Snotra and Grand Lofn vehicles which could be more traditional troop transport options.

Grand Snotra - Shieldwolf Miniatures

Grand Lofn - Shieldwolf Miniatures

We have no doubt that Shieldwolf Miniatures are going to work on some more options for the Sisters Of Wolves in the future so watch this space for some additional infantry elements to help bolster your force.

I certainly like the models they've created so far and it has got me thinking about ways to create interesting armies for Sci-Fi gaming which is always fun.

What do you make of the Sisters Of Wolves?

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