Confrontation To Be Resurrected For The Tabletop Soon?

February 7, 2017 by brennon

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Take the news cautiously but it seems like Confrontation might be coming back to the tabletop under the name Confrontation: Ressurection thanks to a company called Sans-Detour.

Confrontation Resurrection

While a lot of the details have emerged via social media in French a few good folks have been translating the news into English for us unlearned folk.

The game appears to be taking place after the final battle when the factions are broken and battered. New alliances, and a new chapter in the story of Confrontation await. They will also be breaking the game down into a...

  • Tabletop Skirmish Game
  • Board Game
  • Collectors Miniatures Range there should be something for everyone. In addition, they want to build this on three pillars which include listening to the hardcore community of followers the game still has, producing some of the best miniatures on the market, and respecting the art style and design of the original miniatures and creators.

Hopefully, we'll know more about this soon!

"New alliances, and a new chapter in the story of Confrontation await..."

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