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Confrontation Classic Kickstarter Launches & Already Funded!


Sans Detour is on Kickstarter right now with Confrontation Classic, relaunching the range of miniatures that many gamers have drooled over for decades.

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Sans-Detour Continue To Preview Confrontation Classic For April


Sans-Detour has put together a teaser trailer for their Confrontation Classic Kickstarter which is coming in April which you can see above!

Cadwallon & Vile-Tis Next Up In Confrontation Kickstarter Previews


The team at Sans-Detour revealed some new miniature sets that are coming to Confrontation Classic when it lands on Kickstarter. Now, these are models that I recognise!

Dwarves Clash With Orks In New Confrontation Classic Previews


The Confrontation Classic collection continues to impress as Sans-Detour revealed two factions which inherently seem to hate each other! For example, here we have this selection of Orks.

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More Confrontation Previews & A Painting Stream Live Today!


The team at Sans Detour have shown off more of the Confrontation Classic range which will be coming to Kickstarter in April.

Confrontation Classic Models Previewed Ahead Of April Kickstarter


Sans Detour is going to be taking Confrontation to Kickstarter in April this year. There are going to be two flavours of the game to experience too with them starting off with Confrontation Classic.

Sans Detour Give Update On For Confrontation Classic & Resurrection


Announced on Facebook today, Sans Detour gave us notice of when they will be launching both Confrontation Classic & Resurrection.

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Confrontation To Be Resurrected For The Tabletop Soon?


Take the news cautiously but it seems like Confrontation might be coming back to the tabletop under the name Confrontation: Ressurection thanks to a company called Sans-Detour.

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