Confrontation Classic Models Previewed Ahead Of April Kickstarter

March 2, 2018 by brennon

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Sans Detour is going to be taking Confrontation to Kickstarter in April this year. There are going to be two flavours of the game to experience too with them starting off with Confrontation Classic, bringing some epic older models back to the tabletop.

Wolfen Of Yllya - Confrontation Classic

All sixteen of the factions from the classic Confrontation will be back for you to pick up on this Kickstarter. Above you have the well-loved Wolfen Of Yllya. They really did do some impressive Werewolves and they would be a joy to have back in people's collections, all painted up.

As well as the Wolfen they also showed off the Goblins Of No-Dan-Kar who have all manner of wild and crazy characters amongst their ranks. Some of the designs show off the creativity of the original sculptors behind this line.

Goblins Of No-Dan-Kar - Confrontation Classic

Two other factions were also shown off during this latest preview including the heavily armoured and armed looking Griffin...

Griffin - Confrontation Classic

...and the crackpots that make up the Alchemists Of Dirz. It's awesome to see that this is a project that is ACTUALLY coming to life. A lot of people, me included, thought that this was going to be something of a pipedream for Sans Detour as bringing this range back was always going to be a challenge.

Alchemists Of Dirz - Confrontation Classic

Well, it seems like that they're going to be making a darn good go of it. We'll have to wait and see how the Kickstarter plays out but I reckon this one is going to be very popular. We can only hope they can deliver...

What do you think of Confrontation's return?

"I reckon this one is going to be very popular. We can only hope they can deliver..."

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