Weekender: Prepare For The Resurrection Of Confrontation & The Best Dr Who?

April 7, 2018 by brennon

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We've got a packed show for you this week and importantly the announcement of a MASSIVE prize alongside Sans-Detour for Confrontation Classic which should make you rather excited!

Weekender: Prepare For The Resurrection Of Confrontation & The Best Dr Who?

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Watch out for more on that in the show but make sure to share all your thoughts and comments below on everything we discuss here today.


We have a Live Q&A on Monday 12pm BST for all you folks interested in the Historical side of things. Our Historical Editor Oriskany will be joining us to talk about his Americans In Tunisia article series which finished up this week.

If you have any questions get them ready and we'll pose them to him during the livestream.

Also, there will be NO WEEKENDER next weekend as Sam, Justin, Lance and Ben are going to be heading off to London for Salute 2018. If you're coming along make sure to pop on over and say hi as we dash around!

Warlord Games Talk Doctor Who!

Sam sits down as our resident Whovian with the folks from Warlord Games (he clearly teleported in from his wizarding adventures) to talk about some of the models they've been making for their Doctor Who range.

Namely, this discussion focuses in on the Dominators & Quarks!

News Time

We also dive into some awesome news from the week...

  • Starship Samurai - Plaid Hat Games announce their new board game.
  • Gloomhaven Expansion - Forgotten Circles adds even more awesome to this mammoth game.
  • Cryxian Pirates - See what else Privateer Press has been adding to the mix for your themed forces.
  • Twilight - Delve into a world full of original and interesting creatures with this Fantasy skirmish game.

What caught your eye from the news this week?

Confrontation Classic & Resurrection!

We have a quick chat with Sans-Detour about their plans for not only Confrontation Classic but also Resurrection as they look to bring this amazing Fantasy world back to the tabletop this year.

Considering so many of us missed out on the models first time it's nice to see them bringing back such an expansive range of beautiful sculpts.


Make sure to check out these Kickstarter projects...

  • Armoured Digital - A rather awesome game of Sci-Fi combat using ace 15mm tanks with some nice mechanical tweaks too.
  • Arena: The Contest - Part PvP game, part PvE experience. This looks like it could be a great Fantasy epic for the tabletop.
  • Unbroken - Fancy diving into a solo game? This one looks tough and welcomes a repeat play-through!

Will you be backing any of these projects?

Competitions - WIN Doctor Who & Confrontation Classic Models!

We have some awesome competitions for you to get stuck into this week. To begin with, we're going to be giving away the awesome 11th Doctor & Companion Set from Warlord Games.

Additionally, with the Kickstarter just around the corner on April 17th Sans-Detour have also put forth an awesome prize. You could win...

Confrontation Kickstarter Core Box Pledge containing 178 Models from all 16 factions + every miniature unlocked during the campaign!

...so stay tuned to the show to find out how you win those models for yourself. The winner will be announced at Salute next week!

We also have some winners who need to Claim Their Prizes. So, if you entered to win...

  • Sohei Warrior Monks, DreadBall Week Launch Bundles, AdeptiCon Prizes

...make sure to drop your claim in if you hear your name. Do a favour for a friend and let them know if they've won too!

Have a great weekend!

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