Check Out The Twilight Miniatures Coming To Salute This Year

April 3, 2018 by brennon

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The World Of Twilight welcomes plenty of new models at Salute this year. Here are some of the previews they've been dropping over on Facebook featuring all manner of wonderful looking creatures.

Kedashi Preview - World Of Twilight

Their range features some of the most awesome looking and individual creatures that I think I've seen on the tabletop. As you can see above they've turned their attention to some monsters this time around. I really like The Kiterak in particular there.

If you haven't checked out their range before they also have some of the most wonderful looking races for their game. Here we have two fellows who appear to have found their bardic inspiration.

Empire Previews - World Of Twilight

I like that you can also get your hands on some stranger models too like these plants. They would make good objective markers on the tabletop and help sow the seeds for the overall look of the world.

Talking of the big beasties and monsters ranging around in Twilight we have the Akittin here.

Akitiin Preview - World Of Twilight

This creature dwells in the woods and grabs unwary travellers off to their doom through the roots. It certainly looks like the type of beast that you'd throw into the mix if you were creating a monster hunt scenario on the tabletop.

Not all of the creatures from the world of Twilight are out to get you though, as you'll see with the Vorall & Martram here.

Vorall & Martram Preview - World Of Twilight

The Vorall is a special beast indeed and goes back to what we were saying about Twilight having some wonderfully original looking designs within their collection. The Martram is one of the pack beasts of the Dhogu Clans and will no doubt also feature in the future laden down with goods.

A big starter set has also been put together for their game world with you able to get your hands on the Kedashi Queen's Guard.

Kedashi Queen's Guard - World Of Twilight

This collection of creatures comes in a mix of both resin and metal and features some more of their wonderful creatures collected together for the first time at Salute. If the Kedashi caught your attention then this is the place to start thinking about picking them up.

Last but not least we have the terrifying Vareen!

Vareen - World Of Twilight

Now, over on Facebook, they say that these creatures are not to be tussled with but I think they look like lovely little critters! Maybe this is one of those times where looks can be deceiving!

Will you be checking out Twilight at Salute this year?

"Maybe this is one of those times where looks can be deceiving!"

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