Weekender: Kaiju & Jaegers Clash In Pacific Rim: Extinction + John’s Star Wars Challenge!

March 10, 2018 by warzan

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We've got a big show for you today with not just one interview, but two! We're going to be delving into Pacific Rim: Extinction with Alessio Cavatore and much more today so stay tuned.

Weekender: Kaiju & Jaegers Clash In Pacific Rim: Extinction + John's Star Wars Challenge!

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There was a lot going on this week so make sure to check back over what we've been up to...

Warren Meets Mat + John's Star Wars Challenge!

Warren checks out another of the mats from GameMat.Eu, specifically their Sands Of Time one and also their new Desert Houses. This also led him to set John a challenge...

John has to Star Wars-ify the table by the end of the show. We're going to be checking back in with him throughout the rest of The Weekender to see how he's getting on.

HOPE Board Game Unboxing

We take a look at this awesome game from Morning which is going to be going up for pre-order soon. HOPE works well with two-players but goes all the way up to four as well, and the hidden traitor mechanic is very cool indeed.

Hopefully, we'll get a Let's Play in the works for this soon!

River Horse Talk Pacific Rim: Extinction + Win The Dark Crystal!

The guys get a chance to sit down with River Horse and Alessio Cavatore to talk about their new Kickstarter campaign launching on March 12th for Pacific Rim: Extinction.

The thought of Kaiju clashing with Jaegers on the tabletop is rather cool indeed. You could also WIN this episode by telling us...

What Would Your Kaiju Or Jaeger Design Be?

...if we pick you then you could walk away with a copy of River Horse's latest board game, Dark Crystal.

News Time

There was some awesome news out this week...

Feedback on your thoughts on the news this week!

WWII: Americans In Tunisia!

We sit in with Oriskany, our Historical Editor, as he gives us a rundown of what to expect from the new article series which launches on Monday March 12th, right here on Beasts Of War.

Have you played many wargames in this period and setting?

Kickstarter Time

We focus in on two awesome projects which are running right now on Kickstarter...

  • Brutality - An awesome PvP Arena experience on the tabletop with awesome looking models and mechanics.
  • Sorcerer City - A mix of all manner of board game mechanics, this looks like a fun take on tile-laying tactical play with a timed element.

Which of these would you back?


A reminder that you can still get involved in Uprising Week and comment on the various videos to win yourself some awesome Infinity prizes.

Also, we announce the winner of the Melusai Box & Daughters Of Khaine Battletome. Make sure to Claim Your Prize and, as we missed in the show, the winner's work can be checked out HERE.

Have a great weekend!

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