Creature Caster Summon Forth The Queen Of Ecstasy

November 2, 2018 by brennon

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Creature Caster has summoned forth a fantastic new Demon for you to paint up and use in your games on the tabletop...or just look at lovingly.

Creature Caster New #1

If you have not already guessed, this is the Queen Of Ecstasy and she might have something to do with the power given forth by Slaanesh and the like.

Creature Caster New #2

As I mentioned below these particular characters might be better placed as hobby projects and show pieces compared to be used on the tabletop, mainly because I reckon most people don't want to end up screwing up their paint jobs!

Here is a look at just how big the miniature is!

Creature Caster Scale Comparison

She stands insanely tall in height dwarfing other miniatures as she should!

Maybe you'll use this in your games but I'd be more interested in how you're going to paint this up!

What do you think of the Queen Of Ecstasy? 

"She stands at around 100mm in height which is pretty insane!"

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