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Welcome! You are now able to follow along, as we pick out some great projects for you to check out throughout the week.

You'll be able to keep up-to-date with the latest Kickstarters and comment on what we should be looking out for and of course let us know what you make of the campaigns as they are added.

Follow along and let us know what you think...

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fishman Kickstarter Hunter! Entries by this blogger

TerraScapes: Caves and Grottos - Redux - Tabletop Terrain

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TerraScapes is a Nonlinear Modular 3d Terrain System for both roleplaying and wargaming!

"With the full range of double sided modular tiles, you can quickly create ultra-realistic cavern scenarios for any of your spelunking adventures! If you've ever found yourself in a cave, you know how under represented they are in the games that we love to play. There is nothing linear about spelunking and caverns aren't flat! Caves are twisted sections of open air encased by cool moist rocky walls. That's why I've coined this terrain as a Nonlinear Modular Terrain System, and it's a new way of dressing your Tabletop with functional, dynamic terrain for all your Tabletop RPG's!"

TerraScapes: Caves and Grottos - Redux - Tabletop Terrain - Kicktraq Mini


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Hubywoky is a unique connectable card game where players compete in real life and on app !

HUBYWOKY - Kicktraq Mini

Hero's Crossing

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A city building, resource management board game set in a classic video game RPG world and realized in stunning pixel art.

Monsters and madmen are everywhere. Glory awaits the stalwart heroes who would stand against the forces of evil.

You’re not one of those heroes.

You’re the people behind the heroes - the shopkeepers and the smithies and the potion brewers who outfit adventurers with the gear necessary to undertake their quests.

Hero's Crossing - Kicktraq Mini
Hero's Crossing

Crokinole | Wood tabletop game with built-in chip storage

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Great tabletop boardgame to enjoy with friends or family. Crokinole has been a social centerpiece in Canada as long as it has existed.

Everything is contained in the board. No need for auxiliary score keepers, crokinole chip storage, or hanging hardware. The score keepers are located in the ditch and use metal pegs (aluminum/brass/black steel cribbage pegs) to count by 5 to 100. On the back, the board has 2 channels that store 12 black and 12 clear crokinole chips. They use a spring loaded system to keep them from falling out regardless of the direction that the board is turned. At the top of the back cutout is a small indent. The indent mates to a standard screw for hanging on the wall. The indent is self leveling so even after a late night crokinole social, the board can hang pretty (please ensure due diligence is practiced to find a stud).

Crokinole | Wood tabletop game with built-in chip storage - Kicktraq Mini

Streetscape: 20/28mm Bocage Hedgerow Scenery Set

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A Robust set of Bocage style hedges suitable for both 20mm and 28mm scale.

This set has been designed for both 20mm and 28mm scales, it's huge for 20mm and sizeable for the latter. The only not perfectly suitable cross scale piece is the gate piece, if you're pledging for 20mm you can swap this out for a similar sized medium piece.

Here's a 28mm Hetzer next to a long piece, with some figures hiding.

Streetscape: 20/28mm Bocage Hedgerow Scenery Set - Kicktraq Mini
Streetscape: 20/28mm Bocage Hedgerow Scenery Set

Praxis: Black Monk

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Five tabletop roleplaying games set in the twisted world of the immortal and unknowable black monk, who offers salvation… at a price.

The Black Monk is a series of five games set in a strange fantasy world where time means nothing anymore. Each game is set in a unique part of a desolate world, with strange characters passing the time until the Black Monk visits.

In between these visits, the character's lives are interrupted by sometimes trivial and other times confusing events. Everything seems to fit together like an elongated jigsaw puzzle, but no one can see the starter pieces stretching across the horizon.

But they don’t complain. There is always more work. The village needs workers.

Then one evening, the sun stayed in the sky all day. When there should have been night, the sun remained. And now it feels as though it’s been years since the Black Monk came. But perhaps it was yesterday. Nothing is right…

Is that blood?

Praxis: Black Monk - Kicktraq Mini

The Ruins Of Glendale Village - Tabletop Gaming Terrain

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A collection of ruined buildings cast from Hirst Arts assets. Perfect for tabletop RPGs and Wargames! Starting at only $25!

Nord Games is proud to announce a new line of miniature terrain sets designed for tabletop RPGs and war games. Using assets from Hirst Arts, we are creating a range of master molds to cast solid plaster pieces. This means the final product is far more durable than an assembled piece which has been glued together.

We are using Merlin's Magic plaster in order to achieve a top quality product while still keeping prices low when compared to similar resin products. Both painted and unpainted sets are available, as well as add ons and Kickstarter exclusive models which will be unlocked through stretch goals. Thank you for checking out the project, please share it with your friends and, as always, happy gaming!

The Ruins Of Glendale Village - Tabletop Gaming Terrain - Kicktraq Mini


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Wage war, unleash the plague, excommunicate the unworthy, and drive back the Mongol hordes in this strategy board game.

Who Should Get Medieval?

Anyone who likes 90 minutes of battle, backstabbing, plagues, and Mongol hordes. Medieval is for 3 to 5 players with stretch goals that extend the action to 2-player and 6-player games, and solitaire too.

Provinces and regions will fall, along with entire kingdoms, as you vie for control of the medieval world. But you’re not alone. Other cabals forge plots of their own and wage shadow wars against you, with armies and navies, assassinations and papal schemes, heretics and spies.

Throw in a couple of plagues and claims of heresy, plus a Mongol invasion to end the game, and you’ve got yourself an evening.

Medieval - Kicktraq Mini

Battleline Heroes World War 2 Tabletop Role Playing Game

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Fast Action, exceptionally lethal RPG set in World War II with quick character creation and an easy to learn modern system.

Batlleline Heroes is a tabletop RPG set during the ravages of World War II. The setting is deep and immersive allowing roleplay during any phase of the war, from whatever vantage point you desire to play. Most players will choose to play active duty military or organized partisans in occupied territories, but there are character classes available for police, politicians, special ops, and even a few for civilians!

The combat system is fast and easy to learn with classes providing "perks" that operate as skills, and rules for training in cross-class perks at higher levels. The weaponry in the game is authentically researched, and as it was in real life, it is incredibly lethal. In fact, the wise player will exercise extreme caution before lunging into battle - but will not hesitate when the time comes for action.

Battleline Heroes World War 2 Tabletop Role Playing Game - Kicktraq Mini

Jagged Alliance - The Board Game

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A co-operative, tactical 1-4 player game based on the Jagged Alliance series. Lead, train and gear up your mercs to take back Arulco!

Jagged Alliance: The Boardgame is a rich and variable co-operative tactical combat game true to the game’s digital predecessor with 999+ minutes of replayable campaign and extra scenarios. Take the role of your favorite Jagged Alliance mercenaries and fight the armies of an evil dictator to free the nation of Arulco from oppression. JA:TBG is full of tough choices, always keeping you and your team on the edge of victory or defeat.

In JA:TBG you encounter a succession of challenging scenarios with a variety of goals you need to accomplish, taking your hard earned equipment and experience with you into each successive scenario. Ultimately you will face the tyrant Deidranna herself (or one of the other dictators in the game), who is ruling Arulco with an iron fist, and try to defeat her once and for all.

Jagged Alliance - The Board Game - Kicktraq Mini

Noggin The Nog - The Miniatures!

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A project to bring life to Peter Firmin and Oliver Postgate's creations as metal miniatures suitable for collecting & gaming.

In the lands of the North, where the Black Rocks stand guard against the cold sea, in the dark night that is very long the Men of the Northlands sit by their great log fires and they tell a tale... and this tale is one of bringing the works of Peter Firmin and Oliver Postgate to life in the form of metal miniatures suitable for both collecting and gaming.

Peter Firmin and Daniel Postgate, Oliver's son, have given their licensed blessing to this project. Every miniature produced will be lovingly packaged in the heart of the lead belt, otherwise known as Nottingham, and then shipped to all backers. There are many more miniatures in the offing provided funding is reached which will encourage me to keep going....and to ensure my bank manager doesn't rue the day I walked through his door a few months back with a tiny acorn of an idea.....

The 16 initial sculpts, by the awfully talented Martin Buck, have already been mastered by the also talented hands of another dedicated Noggin fan, Peter Brown of The Mouldmaker. Each miniature is on a 20mm round base (although these have shrunk slightly in the moulding process) and average about 30mm in height.

Peter Firmin has been actively involved in the consultation, refinement and approval of the final figures after all, they are his creation! Daniel Postgate, Oliver's son, is of course involved in the project for Smallfilms.

Noggin The Nog - The Miniatures! - Kicktraq Mini

VALHAL - Fight your Fate!

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A strategic board game set at the dawn of the Viking era. Experience endless strategy options and the rich lore of the nordic world.

Valhal is a strategic board game for 2-4 players, set at the dawn of the Viking era. You take part as "Jarls" of a settlement on the barren island of Fjornheim.

Your goal is to gain the favour of the Gods by extending your settlements and trying to find other people's fortunes overseas, and then take it.

VALHAL - Fight your Fate! - Kicktraq Mini

Common (or Garden) Gnomes

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A set of 13 detailed male & female 28mm scale gnome miniatures, suitable for all your Fantasy miniature games, from Midlam Miniatures.

The miniatures are cast in a high quality pewter, with a high Tin content, but may contain a small quantity of lead.

Common (or Garden) Gnomes - Kicktraq Mini
Common (or Garden) Gnomes

Kolony: 3D Printable 28mm Sci-Fi Miniatures Terrain

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STL designs for you to print out a whole new colony for all your toy soldiers to fight over!

A set of designs for 3D printing a whole table of cohesive, interesting terrain with little to no effort required in cutting off supports, gluing tiles, and so on. This Kickstarter campaign is to share those designs with all of you and to see if there is enough interest to warrant making more. Join us to build your own colony!

Kolony: 3D Printable 28mm Sci-Fi Miniatures Terrain - Kicktraq Mini

The Goblin King miniatures set

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The Goblin King is transported by burly orcs. This miniature set is made of pewter. Perfect for any 28mm Heroic to 32mm miniature game.

This is a miniature set featuring the Goblin King being carried around by his burly orc goons, as he flaunts his girls and his gold. The set fits well into any 28mm heroic to 32mm fantasy miniature setting. This set can be easily be the center piece to any goblin army.

They are cast in pewter and are unassembled.

The Goblin King miniatures set - Kicktraq Mini

The Ancient Evil

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A horror themed board game by Diego Serrate Pinilla with awesome miniatures, based on the mythos and tales of H.P. Lovecraft.

The Ancient Evil is a board game based on the universe created by H.P. Lovecraft. In this game, for up to five players, up to four of the players take control of a group of investigators to thwart the plans of the evil player who is in control of the cults of the dark ancient gods.

The Ancient Evil is a turn based one-vs-many game where a band of investigators try and take down the evil cults controlled by a single opposing player.

Players will spend action points to search, attack and cast spells while the evil player attempts to drive forward each scenario guided by their personal mission.

The Ancient Evil - Kicktraq Mini

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Thanks for the service! Please add RPE Miniature’s Wizard Conclave to the list. $30 for 10+ metal miniatures. I backed the KS for Frostgrave-compatible figures: An academic hireling that can be used as an apprentice, and an animated broom which could be used as a construct!

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