Blood Abominations & Burly Brutes New This Month For Dark Age

April 2, 2015 by brennon

There is quite a haul of awesome new miniatures coming out this April for Dark Age! You can check out the whole list of releases right HERE but we have them below for you too...

Mostly Machine!

The first mighty construct to pick out is the Blood Abomination which features some poor soul strapped into this terrifying mechanical body...

Blood Abomination

I love the look of this piece on a whole but I reckon that it could probably do with a bit more blood splashed over it? I could see blood gumming up the joints and slicked over those saw blades creating a really monstrous piece for the tabletop.

Dark Age Wanderers

On a much smaller scale we have a bunch of travellers who are no doubt trying to avoid coming into contact with anything like the Blood Abomination above. See what you think of them...

Caravan Keeper



It's cool to see a Mad Max vibe with these miniatures and my favourite of the three sets above would have to be the Thornwind. I think the work on the cloaks and the rest of the clothing is fantastic and painting them could be a real test of your shading and highlighting talents.

The Repentant come a close second with their crazy masks and mad stances. The poses do look like their dancing a little bit but I guess with a good scenic base you could remedy that problem.

Brutal Strength

It's not all lithe warriors dancing across the sands of the apocalyptic future however as there are also some burly Brutes coming your way too for Dark Age.

Brute Pusher

Brute #1

Brute #2

Brute #3

I love that huge pieces of concrete/stone with spikes attached to them have become legitimate weapons for the far future. I can't see them as being overly popular as a weapon choice but these Brutes really seem to love them. Despite the strange weapons the models are fantastic looking though.

The sculpting for Dark Age has come on in leaps and bounds with the newest stuff being of incredible high detail. Hopefully we'll see even more from Dark Age as the months roll on!

What's your favourite from the new range?

"...I reckon that it could probably do with a bit more blood splashed over it?"

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