Deadly New Releases For Dark Age This February

February 19, 2018 by brennon

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The Dark Age crew have some awesome New Releases on the way for February for you to check out. They have a distinct flavour to them with most being for the Outcast and Skarrd with a Brood surprise thrown in too.

Outcast 2018 Faction Starter

We start off with this revised Starter Faction set for the Outcasts which will herald the beginning of your adventures in the wasteland. This lot certainly look like they've been dragged out of Mad Max and onto the tabletop.

Fighting alongside them, and indeed in many cases maybe even lording over them we have the Outcast Court Of Freeton Leadership Set.

Outcast Court Of Freeton Leadership Box

These fellows are hefty warriors who have seen many a scuffle out in the wasteland and pride themselves on their dominance and will to survive against all odds. They are good people to have around leading your force.

Bounty Hunters

Not all warriors are out for the good of others, and indeed many of them are looking to make a quick buck like these Bounty Hunters.

Bounty Hunter Misfits & Monsters

These creatures and strange characters are those that will fight for whoever pays them the most. As the fluff about these fellows says...

"These are the Bounty Hunters from elsewhere, aliens, spacefarers, and oddities. Skars, the warped monstrosity made by alien invaders. Suzy Belle, a space pirate officer looking to settle old scores against her captain, often finding the mutant alien beast Wroth nearby, crushing their foes with his bare fists."

Skarrd Creatures

Out there in the wasteland, the shadowy figures and monsters dwell. That's where these additions to the Skarrd come in and their Cult Of Metamorphosis Faction Box.

Cult Of Metamorphosis Faction Box

Who wouldn't want to hang around with these weird and wonderful creatures and their cruel mistress? The weird monsters don't stop there either as they also have this set of Harpies to throw into the mix too for some airborne killers.

Skarrd Harpy Unit

Swooping around from their lofty perches these creatures will be slicing and dicing everything that gets in their way. I love the way they've been designed with their bladed limbs and almost slapdash wings.

Slobbering Brood Spawn

As if those creatures weren't terrifying enough there's also the addition of this Brood Spawn to give you nightmares.

Brood Spawn

It looks part Xenomorph, part worm and part mole rat I'd say. I wouldn't want to run into one of those when I was wandering the wasteland. I think it would be a very fun project to take on though when it comes to painting the beast. You could either go for the flesh look as you can see here or something more off the wall and alien looking.

What do you make of their latest releases?

"As if those creatures weren't terrifying enough there's also the addition of this Brood Spawn to give you nightmares..."

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