New Skarrd Releases Take Over Dark Age This Month

March 27, 2018 by brennon

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A whole bunch of Skarrd Releases popped up this month for Dark Age. As well as a revamped Command Box they also got a whole bunch of additional support as well.

Skarrd Command Box - Dark Age

Leading the way we have the Command Box as mentioned above which comes with a whole host of characters for you to throw into the mix to use in your games and command your shuffling horde.

These are the folks who are in control of the surgical changes and psychogenic manipulations that go on throughout this faction. However, sometimes big beasties are the answer for your enemies.

A Wormy Welcome

Who wouldn't want a slithering horde of burrowing worms at their command?

Skarrd Church Of Worms Box - Dark Age

As well as grafting drills and other mining equipment to the worms so they could burrow through the ground into the compounds of enemies, they also went to work modifying themselves too. Still, this guy leading them seems to love his pets which is always a nice thing to see from an owner.

We also have this Brood Swarm Pud Hatchery Box on the subject of wormy visitors. While not for the Skarrd it certainly sends the shivers up the spine thinking of this weeding its way into your flesh.

Brood Swarm Pud Hatchery Box - Dark Age

They can be used to heal wounds, fuel your abilities with their strange genetic makeup and when the chance arises, take a bite out of your enemy. In a swarm, they are a dangerous foe to face!

Bigger Is Better

As well as these animal companions the Skarrd are also getting themselves some support from the Decay Cult.

Skarrd Decay Cult - Monstrous Unit Box

Mutated and twisted warriors have been dropped into the mix here, drawing on all manner of species including the Dragyri! I really like these models, especially the lead Dragyri there with its fell looking claws and talons!

Running with the theme that biggers is better we also have the Golab. They have been genetically altered and surgically improved to be stronger and faster than a normal man.

Skarrd Golab Unit Box - Dark Age

While their swords might not look like much they can cleave through a man in a single stroke. I do like the slightly Samurai edge to their design. Admittedly they are dangerous, brutal, evil Samurai...but that's even cooler right?!

Last but not least we have the Warhead.

Skarrd Warhead Unit Box - Dark Age

Warped and twisted towards a singular purpose, these warriors are simply wrecking balls that you let loose (much like a warhead) and watch them go, smashing their way through lesser foes with their sights set on the opponent's leader.

As you can see the collection is certainly evolving from the Dark Age team and no doubt more is to come.

What do you like best from this new set of releases?

"Who wouldn't want a slithering horde of burrowing worms at their command?"

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