New Famous Leaders Step Into The Breach For Dropzone Commander

September 11, 2015 by brennon

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Three of the factions within Hawk Wargames' Dropzone Commander have got new Famous Commanders. The UCM have General Arthur J. Wade, the Post-Human Republic get Jocasta Caine and the Resistance fight from underground with Jessie Adams...

General Arthur J. Wade

General Wade

"General Wade is one of the rare breed of UCMA officers with decades worth of real, frontline experience. His experience and leadership style makes General Wade a formidable asset to the UCMA whenever precision strikes are preferred to massed engagements.

His daring dropship assaults and widespread use of armoured units to deliver surgical hammer-blows to the enemy's weakest point have only increased his growing reputation as a skilful and daring commander."

Jocasta Cain


"Although almost all PHR citizens are mysterious characters to the UCM, in the case of Jocasta Caine, a small amount of information is known.

Most information gleaned about her past came from a single conversation between a UCM ambassador's bodyguard and his opposite number (Caine), who was running protection duty for her commander, Supreme Vizier Varrens."

Jessie Adams


"Jessie Adams is a somewhat unorthodox figure for a military leader. Diminutive in stature and approaching 60, her quiet demeanour hides the mind of a brilliant guerrilla fighter and leader of her people.

She commands a group of Resistance fighters around the Elysian city of Granum known as the 'Damned' since they spend virtually their entire existence underground.

Their military commander has always been referred to as Guide, a title Jessie Adams has held for over two decades. In that time she has become a matriarch to her warriors and an inspiration to all free and civilised humans in Granum."

General Wade comes a close second simply because, well, it's a massive tank!

Which famous commanders do you use?

"Model-wise I was always going to like the Jocasta Caine walker the best; I love their aesthetic which is somewhere between human and alien..."

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