New Adventuring D&D + Pathfinder Miniatures Available From WizKids

October 12, 2017 by brennon

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WizKids has announced a new selection of both Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder miniatures for you to add to your collection as both bold heroes and vile villains.

Dwarf Paladin

As with most of their collection, the folks at WizKids offer a series of miniatures for different classes and each of them comes with both Male and Female variants which is awesome. Here above we have the Dwarf Paladin followed by the Elf Wizard below.

Elf WizardLike other miniatures we've shown off from this collection, some have clear plastic parts to them, especially for the magic spells. I imagine they'd work nicely with a quick wash over the top of them in an appropriate colour.

This Half-Orc Male Barbarian could be used as both a villain for you to face off against and as a player character. I like the idea of using him as the levelled up version of himself as you gain new gear.

Half Orc Male Barbarian

You get the same kind of idea from this Human Druid here who is summoning up the power of nature from the earth to use against his foes.

Human Druid

Having handled a few of these miniatures myself they are actually rather nicely detailed and are fun to paint as well. I've still got a Fighter and Barbarian sitting on my painting desk that need some attention.

Human Paladin

The problem I've been finding is that it's quite hard for me to get a hold of them. They always sell out exceptionally fast in stores and online! Hopefully, after a few months, things will calm down.

Monsters & NPCs

We talked about some of the heroes that are going to be available but here we also have some of the monsters that you'll be able to add to your collection as a Dungeon Master starting with the Wraithhand Spectre.

Wraithhand Spectre

This is then matched by some ever useful fodder to toss into a dungeon with these Gnolls.


It's nice to have the basis for a lot of the lower level campaigns to throw into the mix. Gnolls, Goblins, Orcs and such are all available from various outlets of course but it's nice for people who don't know much about the miniatures out there to have a way to snap up the core aspects of a campaign.

Last but not least we have the always useful NPC pack featuring a Serving Girl & Merchant.

Serving Girl & Merchant

A useful way to bulk up your collection for when you need to play out a proper tavern brawl.

What do you think of these new releases?

"A useful way to bulk up your collection for when you need to play out a proper tavern brawl..."

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