Gale Force Nine Sculpt Up Arkhan & The Dark Order For D&D

December 18, 2019 by brennon

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Gale Force Nine has also been showing off some new goodies for their Dungeons & Dragons range. Arkhan The Cruel & The Dark Order are stomping into the realm of Avernus in order to formulate plans to unleash Tiamat from her planar prison.


The set contains Arkhan The Cruel, Torogar who is Arkhan's Minotaur bodyguard and finally Krull who is the Death Domain Cleric who works behind the scenes for Arkhan, crafting foul and terrifying creations and dabbling with the dead. This comes together to produce a trio of characters who you might bump into when you're adventuring in Avernus.


Each of these models dreamt up by the mind of Joe Manganiello, have rules which you can find within the latest Descent Into Avernus expansion for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. You don't particularly want to bump into them during your adventures unless you've got some treasures which they deem worthy but they are an awesome set of figures for those who enjoy playing with a brush and potentially giving Vox Machina a new challenge to face.

Here they are individually...

Arkhan The Cruel


Krull The Tortle


Torogar Steelfist


Tiamat is calling and if you really want to embrace the darkness and Tiamat into your life then you should certainly also check out Manganiello's Death Saves clothing company which does some very flash looking kit for those who want a bit of Dungeons & Dragons merch in their lives.

Are you tempted to pick these up for your D&D campaigns?

"Are you tempted to pick these up for your D&D campaigns?"

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