Gale Force Nine Delve Into The D&D World Of Eberron

October 15, 2019 by brennon

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Gale Force Nine has been showing off some new releases coming to support the release of the Eberron Sourcebook for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. Kicking things off will be two new Collectors Series miniature sets with the first featuring the Lord Of Blades.

Lord Of Blades - Gale Force Nine

The Lord Of Blades is a character that has existed within the mythos of Eberron for a while. His origins are mysterious but he is now leading a warband of Warforged in a crusade to destroy all those who are made of flesh. Yep, he is a nasty piece of work. He has an intense hatred of mankind and all other races in the world of Eberron and his charismatic nature means that Warforged flock to his side in order to be part of his campaign.

Warforged Heroes

Perhaps arrayed against him or fighting against him we will also have a set of three Warforged Heroes which cover some of the core classes available to players. In the set you have a Cleric...

Warforged Cleric - Gale Force Nine

...alongside a Fighter and a Monk. I am a massive fan of Warforged in general and love playing as them in games when I can. Seeing them done up in these different ways is just getting me excited to play as one in some future campaign that will never come.

Warforged Fighter - Gale Force Nine

I had a really cool idea to play as a Warforged Mage once who uses his entire body as the conduit for his power. Alongside his own core which keeps him going, he has magical components built into his torso and arms which allow him to channel magical energy down into his hands where he unleashes his power. If nothing else, it would help make for some evocative moments in combat.

Warforged Monk - Gale Force Nine

One of the things that also has me falling in love with Warforged is that idea of characters created for a purpose and now at a loss. They were automatons who served their masters dutifully and now they find themselves searching for a purpose, perhaps as adventurers or to uncover some mystery as to their origins. With the character I had in mind I always imagined he was created by a Wizard to guard his library and so he has a fascination with books and protecting knowledge but he also has to war against the idea that he was only created to be a weapon.

Eberron Accessories

As well as the miniatures the folks at Gale Force Nine has also shown off some cool new options for Dungeon Masters too. The first of these is the new Dungeon Masters Screen.

Eberron DM Screen - Gale Force Nine

This comes with a big map of the world itself as well as all of the things you'll need to know as a Dungeon Master. Importantly keeping an eye on those Houses is going to be key as there is a lot of political intrigue in the mix with Eberron if you want to venture down that route. It also features an awesome combat scene on the front aboard a flying magical ship!

You can also hand over these fantastic maps to your players so they can plan out their adventures and look for lost treasures across the world of Eberron.

Eberron Map Set - Gale Force Nine

These are always fun options to throw down on the tabletop. I love the idea of presenting them rolled up in a scroll case for your players to unfurl and peek at in greater detail as they are planning their journeys.

Are you going to be snapping up some of these new Gale Force Nine options for Eberron?

"One of the things that also has me falling in love with Warforged is that idea of characters created for a purpose and now at a loss..."

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