Pre-Order Now Open For Army Painter’s D&D Paint Sets & Brushes

June 15, 2018 by brennon

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Army Painter has teamed up with Gale Force Nine and Wizards Of The Coast to produce a range of painting products for those delving into the hobby side of Dungeons & Dragons. Three options are now available for pre-order...

Adventure Paint Set #1 - New

The first of these sets is the Adventurer's Paint Set. This comes with a range of colours that will be useful for painting up your character models as well as an exclusive Minsc & Boo miniature (for Baldur's Gate fans out there) and a brush you can use to get started.

Adventure Paint Set #2 - New

The Monster Paint Set is the one that has grabbed me though as it comes with some awesome and lurid colours PLUS loads of washes and effect paints for making your monsters look extra gribbly.

Monster Paint Set #1 - New

It also comes with an exclusive model for the iconic Owlbear from Dungeons & Dragons (which is reason alone to buy the set in my opinion).

You can also get your hands on a new Brush Set which comes with the three main brushes any painter needs to gets started.

D&D Paint Brushes - New

As a one-stop-shop for your first Dungeons & Dragons paints this is a pretty good way to start. We're seeing a lot of companies out there like Gale Force Nine producing miniatures to represent both your heroes and monsters on the tabletop so if you're so inclined, you now have a good place to pick up appropriate paints and accessories.

Will you be snapping these up?

" now have a good place to pick up appropriate paints and accessories"

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