Undead Dinosaurs, Giants + D&D Classics Coming Soon For GF9’s Collector’s Series

January 11, 2018 by brennon

Gale Force Nine has some great new releases coming your way soon for Dungeons & Dragons fans. Some classics, some long-awaited releases, and some new things too. We'll start with the new and a Zombie Tyrannosaurus Rex...

Zombie Tyrannosaurus

This fellow was created alongside the team who designed the expansion for the Neverwinter MMORPG. They actually took the 3D model from the game and worked on converting it into a miniature. As you'll see the process worked quite well.

Zombie Tyrannosaurus (Rear)

This model will be coming out towards the end of this month (January) and should provide you with a pretty awesome big baddie to through at your heroes on the tabletop.

Towering Giants

Available originally as show specials, two Giants are now going to be available to buy in February. Here we have the Fire Giant Dreadnought...

Fire Giant Dreadnought

...and the Frost Giant Ravager. You could only get your hands on these fellows at the likes of Gen Con and such but now they are going to be available to all for the first time.

Ice Giant Raider

Of the two I really like the Frost Giant Ravager, mainly because of the Viking elements tied into his design. More Giants in everything is also a good thing and if you've been playing through Storm King's Thunder this could be a nice present for your Dungeon Master!

Dungeons & Dragons Classics

Some of the other show specials weren't quite as titanic as these Giants but were no less impressive. In March you will be able to pick up the irresistibly awesome Minsc & Boo.

Minsc & Boo

Who wouldn't want to hang out with this Ranger/Barbarian of Dungeons & Dragons fame who might be a tad insane? I mean, he listens to the wisdom of Boo, his hamster!

Maybe Boo has some interesting things to say about defeating this particular beast which will also be available, the mighty Froghemoth.


Creatures from another world entirely, the Froghemoth is one that dwells deep within the earth. They are rather crazy creatures and if you want to fight your own you can check out their Monster Manual Stat Block HERE.

Will you be snapping up some of these releases from Gale Force Nine over the coming weeks?

Let us know in the comments!

"They actually took the 3D model from the game and worked on converting it into a miniature..."

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