EDEN Welcomes Crackpot Bikers, Mutants & Nuns This June

June 23, 2016 by brennon

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The world of EDEN grows this June as there are four new releases for you to pick up for the game. There are a number of different factions benefiting from this release including Dante's Angels with the Behemoth & Leviathan Set as well as the Khan and Matriarchy...

Dante's Biker Booster

Leading things we have the aforementioned Behemoth & Leviathan set here which allows you to make either Leviathan, Seraphim of Envy, or Behemoth , the Seraphim of Gluttony.

Behemoth & Leviathan Booster

You can only make one of the characters from this set but if you pick up too then of course you'll have access to both them - just both based on the same similar kit make-up. At least you'll have some bitz left over for tinkering with as well.



These are a pair of evil fellows and either way you choose to build the kit you're going to be getting some dangerous new bikers for your games.

Mutated Khans

Stumbling forth from the wasteland for the Khans we have Altalun who, while it doesn't seem it, is actually a very proficient fighter.


Feeding on the pain and brutality of his own body he lashes out with some dangerous weapons which don't look at all up to regulation medical standard. A discreet assassin by all accounts.

Heavy Handed Faith

Last but not least we have the releases for the Matriarchy who come in the form of Sister Maelys...

Sister Maelys

...and Sister Yselma.

Sister Yselma

Maelys has been re-balanced from her previous edition but still enjoys sitting amongst the safety of the Slaves while she unleashes some crossbow bolts at her foes from afar thanks to having two of them at her control.

Yselma benefits from the Slaves in much the same way allowing their pain to then be inflicted upon those who they fight. Pain is the way forward clearly.

If you want more information you can go and check out their Stat Cards over on the webstore links throughout this piece.

What do you think of these new offerings?

"...he lashes out with some dangerous weapons which don't look at all up to regulation medical standard"

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