The Matriarchy’s Green Order Starter Box Available Now For EDEN

December 1, 2016 by brennon

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The world of EDEN is soon to be graced with a new Starter Box as they showed off the Green Order Matriarchy Set for their post-apocalyptic world. Take a look and tell us what you think...

Starter Box

The set comes with a number of different 'Sisters' as you'll see below as well as the clanking form of Machine Man who acts as the big bruiser in the box.

The Sisters

Leading the way we have Sister Esther who you can now see here in model form with her axe and sword ready to get stuck into combat. That really is a very oversized weapon but if Final Fantasy has taught us anything, people can lift any kind of weapon and it will look awesome.

Sister Esther

She plays the role of a support character on the battlefield helping to buff her allies with special abilities.

Following on from her we have Sister Talhia who is my favourite from the set with that flaming red hair.

Sister Talhia

She can use her abilities to drain the power from units around her and increase her own speed making her a deadly killing machine. I think the gladiatorial-style leggings and overall design of her armour is rather appealing too.

Last of the Sisters is Miriam here who looks like she's harnessed some of the methods put forth by the Sisters of Sigmar in Mordheim and is bringing whips to the battlefield.

Sister Miriam

She has mechanical legs for crushing her does into dust and those whips come with the slasher rule too allowing her to deal out more damage.

Supporting them on the battlefield we have Machine Man who, quite fittingly for the Matriarchy, has been turned into an autonomous drone warrior ready to kill on their command.

Machine Man

This fellow can take a lot of punishment and throughout your games if you need to recharge your batteries you can either deal out damage with him or make him suffer it to fill you back up. Poor chap!

What do you think of the Matriarchy?

"Leading the way we have Sister Esther with her axe and sword ready to get stuck into combat..."

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