Mantic Talk Firefight & Show Off Forge Father Render

September 17, 2015 by brennon

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Mantic Games are revving up for the Warpath Kickstarter which is coming on Monday 21st of September 2015 and showed off a little bit more about Firefight and a big Forge Father Tank...


Firefight is Mantic's answer to the smaller scale wargame. Rather than it be a skirmish game like Deadzone or a mass battle game like Warpath this sits somewhere in the middle. Individual models matter and there are more detailed rules for removal of casualties and a focus on these smaller squads having a real impact on the game-space.

Warpath Firefight Art #1

Mark Latham is behind the rules for this version of Warpath and has, in the past, worked on Warhammer 40,000 which is the scale of battle Mantic seem to be going for here. Here are a few of his notes on the system which is still being worked on...

  • Every model matters – casualty removal, positioning and variation of weaponry and equipment within a unit are all important.
  • Detailed rules for unit interaction considering the more free-form approach.
  • More detail for weapon types and special rules.
  • Get into the thick of the action, using true LOS, per-model hits in shooting and melee, improved terrain occupying rules, and Warpath’s Orders system

Warpath Firefight Art #2

It sounds very much like an antidote to Warhammer 40,000. In Games Workshop's game you have very similar philosophies, especially at a garage hammer level. While the game might be exploding into four or five thousand point games the regular games people play in the homes are around this level that Firefight is aiming at.

Hopefully each of the factions will have a great dose of flavour to them making it a viable alternative to the big boy on the block.


Talking of cool factions the Forge Fathers would certainly be my choice. Who can argue with Space Dwarfs? One of the recent articles over on the Mantic Blog showed off a look at the Forge Father tank in the works and it looks huge.

Warpath Forge Father Render

There is still a fair bit of work needed to make it look detailed enough for the battlefield but I like the look of it right now. The 'beard' motif continues with the front of the tank and then they went and stuck a big dozer blade and a cannon on the top too which is great!

Are you excited for Warpath?

"Who can argue with Space Dwarfs?"

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