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Essen SPIEL ’18 Live Blog – Sunday

Essen SPIEL ’18 Live Blog – Sunday

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Welcome to the final day of Essen SPIEL '18 where we're cramming in LOADS more videos covering what's happening here from a myriad of different companies.


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Check Out Day One & Win Prizes

Decrypto - Aliens: Hadley's Hope - Witless Wizards - Gizmos - Dragon's Breath - Escape Tales: The Awakening - WWX Forlorn Hope Posse - 8BitBox - The Walking Dead: Here's Negan - Magnificent Flying Machines - PlastCraft Crashed Plane Terrain

Check Out Day Two & Win Prizes

Vault Of Dragons + 2x D&D Paint Sets (Heroes & Monsters) - Aristeia Walls Terrain Set - Lincoln - Don't Get Got - Holding On: The Troubled Life Of Billy Kerr - Dicium - Mountains - Fog Of Love (Choice Of Cover) - Swordcrafters - Silk - V-Commandos - 3x Tainted Grail Artbooks + Exclusive Coin - Pyramid Of Pengqueen

Check Out Day Three & Win Prizes

Talisman: Legendary Tales - Venus Next (Terraforming Mars Expansion) - Battlestar Galactica: Starship Battles - Tsukuyumi - War Chest & Scorpius Freighters - FAITH RPG Core Book - Dungeon Terrain Set - Magnate Resin Buildings - Lightseekers Playmat, Deck Box & Folio (Of Your Choice)

Check Out Day Four & Win Prizes

Age Of Sigmar Champions Playmat & Deck Box (Of Your Choice) - 2x KeyForge Decks - Mistfall: Chronicles Of Frost & All That Burns - Contract - Doomseekers - Dinosaur Island - Blood Red Skies Core Box Organiser - 4x4 Gaslands Mat - Trapwords - 10x Harry Potter Ford Anglia Puzzles - Village Attacks - Dark Souls The Card Game - Hero Realms - Goblout

The meeples are waiting to be played with and there is cardboard to punch out as we get ready to get stuck into more games and get YOU more prizes.

Come and join us!

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Yoka Introduce Us To Their Range Of Games + Win A Prize!


The team from Yoka Games is telling us all about some of the games they have in the pipeline, each of them with a lighter feel to them including an awesome game called Contract and even something which has got a special place in a lot of hearts, the One Punch Man game!

Win A Copy Of Contract

Contract is a fascinating game which is all about bluffing, controlling your family and generally living the Mafioso lifestyle.

The team have also been working on a lot of games based on animes and such which is kinda awesome!

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Dinosaurs & Terrifying Darkness From Pandasarus Games + Win A Prize!


Pandasaurus Games has been playing around with some great ideas recently and one of them is Dinosaur Island which has you trying to take control of one of these out of control islands where crazy things happen from the prehistoric era.

Win A Copy Of Dinosaur Island

As well as Dinosaur Island we also chat about what’s going on with Nyctophobia which we have played and absolutely loved!

This game has one player playing as the Hunter whilst the others are being Hunted AND they cannot see at all!


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Warlord Games Take Us To Cruel Seas & The Skies Of WWII + Win A Prize!


The team at Warlord Games have got plenty of irons in the fire as it where when it comes to their games right now. Cruel Seas is just around the corner and Blood Red Skies is getting more and more exciting every time we see it.

Win A Blood Red Skies Core Box Organiser

We have plenty of awesome stuff on the horizon for you Historical Wargamers and I reckon you’re going to be telling us just what you think of both of these games AND Bolt Action as it continues to evolve from Warlord Games.

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Hexy Show Off Their Awesome Terrain & More Gallery


The team from Hexy have a lot of irons in the fire but one of their awesome focal points is towards the creation of a lot of terrain which can be used for role-playing games and miniature wargames.

Have a peek at some of their awesome miniatures and terrain!

Hexy Show Off Their Awesome Terrain & More Gallery
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Deep-Cut Show Off Their Awesome New Gaslands Mat + Win One!


Deep-Cut Studio has been working with some awesome companies of late from Steamforged Games and their Guild Ball mats to Osprey and some official mats for use with Gaslands!

Win A 4×4 Gaslands Mat

The team at Deep-Cut also teased that they are going to be working with another BIG company very soon so watch this space.

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Steamforged Dicuss Dark Souls Expansions & More + Win The Game!


Steamforged Games talk to us about what’s going on with Dark Souls The Card Game and the upcoming expansions for the game.

Win A Copy Of Dark Souls The Card Game

Steamforged Games are doing lots of impressive stuff right now, delving down into their awesome licenced properties and also their own projects as well.

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Doing well
now don’t miss any stand on your last day


lets get this show on the road:)

CoG Member

Maybe we could even get some wargaming content today? What are terrain companies up to? Brother Vinni? Some new and exciting sculptors? I couldn’t care less about board games, tbh.


Any chance to see the guys from Adreama Games, Inc. (Machina Arcana) @ Hall5 – 5E104. I backed the KS and they have the prototype in the booth.


I did see Machina Arcana (did not backed it) I can tell you anything about the game play. But it surpiced me how tiny every thing was. I think in a game you will easily tobble game pieces over.

CoG Member

Great coverage lads. Would love to see some coverage of The Postindustrial Games stand and the new Human Interface: Be a Better Human miniatures. They are at booth G112 in hall 6. Enjoy the day.


love the Warlord and White Wizard coverage!

CoG Member

Thanks for the coverage guys!


Thank you for the great coverage. Too far for me to attend.

CoG Member

Cheers for the coverage guys.

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