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Essen SPIEL ’18 Live Blog – Sunday

Essen SPIEL ’18 Live Blog – Sunday

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Welcome to the final day of Essen SPIEL '18 where we're cramming in LOADS more videos covering what's happening here from a myriad of different companies.


Find Out More About Essen

Check Out Day One & Win Prizes

Decrypto - Aliens: Hadley's Hope - Witless Wizards - Gizmos - Dragon's Breath - Escape Tales: The Awakening - WWX Forlorn Hope Posse - 8BitBox - The Walking Dead: Here's Negan - Magnificent Flying Machines - PlastCraft Crashed Plane Terrain

Check Out Day Two & Win Prizes

Vault Of Dragons + 2x D&D Paint Sets (Heroes & Monsters) - Aristeia Walls Terrain Set - Lincoln - Don't Get Got - Holding On: The Troubled Life Of Billy Kerr - Dicium - Mountains - Fog Of Love (Choice Of Cover) - Swordcrafters - Silk - V-Commandos - 3x Tainted Grail Artbooks + Exclusive Coin - Pyramid Of Pengqueen

Check Out Day Three & Win Prizes

Talisman: Legendary Tales - Venus Next (Terraforming Mars Expansion) - Battlestar Galactica: Starship Battles - Tsukuyumi - War Chest & Scorpius Freighters - FAITH RPG Core Book - Dungeon Terrain Set - Magnate Resin Buildings - Lightseekers Playmat, Deck Box & Folio (Of Your Choice)

Check Out Day Four & Win Prizes

Age Of Sigmar Champions Playmat & Deck Box (Of Your Choice) - 2x KeyForge Decks - Mistfall: Chronicles Of Frost & All That Burns - Contract - Doomseekers - Dinosaur Island - Blood Red Skies Core Box Organiser - 4x4 Gaslands Mat - Trapwords - 10x Harry Potter Ford Anglia Puzzles - Village Attacks - Dark Souls The Card Game - Hero Realms - Goblout

The meeples are waiting to be played with and there is cardboard to punch out as we get ready to get stuck into more games and get YOU more prizes.

Come and join us!

Blogging At This Event:

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Put On Your War Face For Age Of Sigmar Champions!1 Comment

Where Is That Pesky Justin The Killer?

Where Is That Pesky Justin The Killer?3 Comments
brennon Live Blogger Entries by this blogger

Smartphone Inc - Becoming A Business Tychon

1 Comment

One of the games that popped up in some of our previews was from Cosmodrome Games called Smartphone Inc. This game is one for those who like their turtlenecks as you’re going to be playing as moguls who are looking to be the best in the world.

It’s rather interesting to have a game which is all about looking at screens…being played out on the tabletop. Here in these images, you can see the rather techy looking set-up.

Smartphone Inc - Becoming A Business Tychon

How Many Board Games Do You Think These Could Buy?

How Many Board Games Do You Think These Could Buy?5 Comments

Our Board Game Pile Measures One And A Half Sams

Our Board Game Pile Measures One And A Half Sams4 Comments
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It's Time For A Big Adventure With Heropath


Earlier during the weekend we got to talk to the designer behind the rather expansive board game, Heropath: Dragon Roar and learned a bit more not only about its development but also what kind of mechanics we have at play here.

The game appears to mix together a lot that would be considered staple for a board game but also provides you with interesting quests, unique characters each with their own developmental cycles and more.

Add into this the new expansions for the game and you have a product that might find itself on more shelves over the coming months.

brennon Live Blogger Entries by this blogger

Mythic's Az Talks Solomon Kane Miniature Quality & Production


Mythic Games’ Az talks us through some of the next steps that have been taken with the development and production of Solomon Kane.

Currently, Solomon Kane is moving towards the end of their Late Backer stage and with that in mind they’ve also been talking to more and more companies about the quality of sculpts that they want to bring to life as part of the game.

Considering how evocative the world of Solomon Kane is it makes sense that Mythic would make sure that the miniatures are up to the same quality as the storytelling.

brennon Live Blogger Entries by this blogger

Rocking Out & Getting The Skinny On Roadies Rule!


We were able to talk to James and Mark about their new collaboration which is totally metal and utterly awesome.

They are working on a game called Roadies Rule which sounds like it’s going to be an awesome cooperative venture where you’re trying to keep the band playing through their craziest set yet.

We are really looking forward to learning more about this one and putting together a perfect playlist to sit down with when we do too!

ZEN Terrain Show Off Their Impressive Landscapes2 Comments
brennon Live Blogger Entries by this blogger

White Wizard's Peter Talks About The Design Behind Sorcerer


I got to talk with Peter from White Wizard Games and designer of the utterly awesome looking Sorcerer.

The game features a really deep and imaginative backstory which helps to weave an interesting narrative across the tabletop as you set up to play with two, three or four players.

The way that you design and build your deck of cards each time you play is fascinating and it will be fun seeing what kinds of combinations work together well when people are trying this out for themselves.

As well as doing well as a Kickstarter project the game is coming to retail and will feature lots of interesting and very accessible ways to get more content for the game.

brennon Live Blogger Entries by this blogger

Debbie From White Wizard Discusses Hero Realms + Star Realms


White Wizard Games has been delving deeper into the world of Hero Realms with new expansions and Star Realms which is leaping up into another league with some awesome cooperative directions for it.

Win A Copy Of Hero Realms

As well as the games and learning about how they work we also talk about the Charity Event that White Wizard Games has been working on so watch out for the news on that.


brennon Live Blogger Entries by this blogger

Look To Kickstarter & The Expansive Campaign Of After The Earth + Win A Game!


Come and take a peek at this awesome narrative game which has arrived from Exod Games on Kickstarter right now, After The End.

Win A Copy Of Goblout

This game has a really awesome premise to it, delving down into a city and world that has been utterly destroyed; where your characters are looking to survive and carve out their own story in a campaign game which has a real focus on narrative and consequences mattering between your missions.

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Doing well
now don’t miss any stand on your last day


lets get this show on the road:)

Cult of Games Member

Maybe we could even get some wargaming content today? What are terrain companies up to? Brother Vinni? Some new and exciting sculptors? I couldn’t care less about board games, tbh.


Any chance to see the guys from Adreama Games, Inc. (Machina Arcana) @ Hall5 – 5E104. I backed the KS and they have the prototype in the booth.


I did see Machina Arcana (did not backed it) I can tell you anything about the game play. But it surpiced me how tiny every thing was. I think in a game you will easily tobble game pieces over.

Cult of Games Member

Great coverage lads. Would love to see some coverage of The Postindustrial Games stand and the new Human Interface: Be a Better Human miniatures. They are at booth G112 in hall 6. Enjoy the day.


love the Warlord and White Wizard coverage!

Cult of Games Member

Thanks for the coverage guys!


Thank you for the great coverage. Too far for me to attend.

Cult of Games Member

Cheers for the coverage guys.

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