Knights Of Ren: Ep 3/02 – You Underestimate My Power

June 9, 2017 by brennon

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Jay wins his Store champs, we bring the creator of the "emo kids" deck on as our guest and we talk about the current tournament structure that cuts out players who lose just one game from the top cut.

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This week Jay gives us a recap of his store championship along with the changes he made to his deck with commentary thanks to Rusty from on how the deck performs against specific matchups. Rusty also presents some mathematical data that shows how players who lose one game might still not make the top four/eight cut based on how FFG has structured their tournaments.

Plus we are ready to get our new show rolling in a few weeks and we are looking for some show producers! So lock those S-foils in attack position as we cover some Star Wars Destiny.

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