New Revised Core Set On The Way For Android: Netrunner

September 12, 2017 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games are really shaking things up within the world of Android: Netrunner as they announced a Revised Core Set for the game this week.

Android Netrunner

This new set replaces the existing one and shakes things up when it comes to the different characters you can play as and the card pool that is available to players. Netrunner is about to undergo what is called Rotation where some cards are dropped from legal play in tournaments and so this Core Set acted as a way of bringing some cards back into the fold whilst also solving a lot of problems with the game.

So, why is this important?

card list

Revised Core Set PDF

A lot of players had been leaving Netrunner for other games because what had made it such a special game had vanished from the meta. Instead of it being a game of running, bluffing, taking chances and high-stakes gambles with incredible payoffs, it had devolved into a game with little to no interaction between players and a very shallow gameplay experience.

By removing a lot of the noted problem cards from the pool and reworking the core set to open up new options for players to get their heads around the hope is that it will reshape the meta into something more akin to how Netrunner originally felt.

Of course, this is only a personal opinion on the game, but hopefully, this does reinvigorate the player base into jacking back into their rigs and running to bring down the Corps once again.

The Update

So, one of the big things in the update for the set is that we're seeing a change in the Runners and Corps. Whilst most have stayed the same we now welcome Chaos Theory into the mix (with lovely new art)...

Chaos Theory

...alongside the veteran, Gabriel Santiago (and my favourite Runner).

Gabriel Santiago

Reina Roja also now replaces the consistently good Noise from the Core Set taking the focus away from viruses and instead focusing the Anarch faction towards alternative methods and her unique suite of programs.

Haas Bioroid has also had their original identity replaced with Stronger Together which I always thought was decidedly more thematic for them.


Overall, this seems like a great new way to get yourself into Android: Netrunner. For those of you who still have your original Core Set and the first two cycles, you can still 'make' this set so you don't have to go out and buy new cards. All you have to do is sit down and sort out your cards from those which have been exiled (Netrunner joke, haha - Princess Space Kitten) and those which are still included on the roster.

As a massive fan of Netrunner I can't wait to see what this does to the game and maybe I'll be tempted to jump back into Cyberspace soon.

What do you think of the update?

"...hopefully, this does reinvigorate the player base into jacking back into their rigs and running to bring down the Corps once again"

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