Quell Rebels & Patrol On Dewbacks In Star Wars: Legion!

April 9, 2019 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games might be heading to The Clone Wars soon for Star Wars: Legion but in the meantime, you still have new options for those who love the classic trilogy. Well, and Rogue One. Check out this preview of the Imperial Shoretroopers.

Imperial Shoretroopers - Fantasy Flight Games

Created to defend an installation on the planet of Scarif these soldiers might have thought they were getting a nice tropical island to explore, but the work there is tough and they always have to be on their toes when it comes to defending against Rebel insurgents.

Imperial Shoretroopers Models - Fantasy Flight Games

As well as bringing a set of upgraded weaponry, as due to their station, they also carry with them they also have a high powered T-21B too. If the Rebels are escaping, or you just like blowing things up, they also come with a mortar too!

I think this set looks great and you could do a lot with the paint schemes too. Whilst they might have found themselves engaged in battle on Scarif there's plenty of ways to take them further afield to perhaps urban environments too!

Imposing Riders

As well as these fellows hanging out on the beach, you can also soon snag yourself a Dewback Rider. These chaps were seen riding through the sands of Tatooine and make for an imposing addition to your Galactic Empire force, subduing the populace for fear of being gobbled down by one of these creatures!

Dewback Rider - Fantasy Flight Games

As with other mounted elements of Star Wars: Legion, the riders are dangerous but the beasts also pack a brutal punch too. There are a number of different choices for those mounting up on a Dewback including a rifle, a longer ranged option for picking off targets at distance or...a flamethrower.

I quite like the idea of using the Dewback Rider as a mounted sniper option. You could have them clamber up onto hard to reach terrain and then provide covering fire from on high. Then, if the enemy does come to get you, just unleash the claws!

What do you think of these new options?

"I quite like the idea of using the Dewback Rider as a mounted sniper option..."

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