Weekender: Prodos’ Alien Vs Predator & Inside Imperial Assault!

April 11, 2015 by dignity

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All this week we've had Prodos Games' Rob in the studio filming for Warzone: Resurrection. If you comment here on Beasts of War, on Youtube, or Facebook you could win one of three Starter ForcesRulebook sets for the game!

Weekender: Hunting In Prodos' AvP & Salute 2015 Wish List

AvP Talk With Prodos

We've also had some time to talk about Alien Vs Predator too which is aiming for a Salute 2015 release!

The big wargaming event that is Salute is also around the corner and we take some time to discuss our plans for the event, the theme of the show, and mention some of the traders we can't wait to see alongside those we want to see coming next year!

Imperial Assault Has Us Hooked!

As well as that we'll be discussing another board game with Fantasy Flight Games' Imperial Assault which sees you take the 'dungeon crawling' into space to fight the Empire.

We can't wait to get more Star Wars content out to you guys so keep an eye out on the website for more on this game as well as X-Wing in the very near future.

Watch out to see if you're a Raging Heroes winner too!

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