Ancient Grudge Contents & Expansion Interview

December 7, 2011 by brennon

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Part One of the week long interview with Jake Thornton from Mantic Games looks at the Ancient Grudge expansion, and in this case just what exactly does this cheaper box set expand?

Ancient Grudge Berserker Lord

Ancient Grudge Zombies

Ancient Grudge Box Contents

Ancient Grudge Large Tile

Also above is a look at the things you get inside the box. Not a bad set of extra bits and pieces, and having seen the quality of the tiles up close and the thought that goes into the design I can't wait to add them to my existing sets.

The box also contains scenarios for 3-4 player games, and rules for more troops for Undead, Dwarves, Elves and Orcs. Also contained are rules for creating warbands and interestingly large monsters like the werewolf and a troll-like Bogie monster! That must have been what left that nasty blood stain!

Has this little glimpse into the game made you think about a pre-order?

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