AntiMatter Reveal the Brains Behind the Scaly Horde

April 12, 2012 by dracs

AntiMatter have published a new piece of fantastic artwork on their Facebook for the figure who will be leading the Scaly Horde starter set in ShadowSea.

Fulfilling the role leader is a true man... er sorry, living being, of science.

AntiMatter - Scaly Horde Clal-chk Scientist

This is the latest concept art for the Clal-chk scientist who will be taking the leadership position in you Scaly Hordes warband starter sets.

As usual this is a truly stunning piece of artwork and I cannot wait to see how it transfers over into miniature format. I am getting really excited about this game and hope we can get it in the office at some point.

Are any of you excited about this game? How many of you contributed to the Kickstarter?

Be sure to keep an eye out for the up coming art for the Ancients of Atalan.

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